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Euromontagna Archives

45. Schleizer Dreieck Rennen

Schleiz PMP FE/

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1978-08-06 Schleiz PMP A2
1978-08-06 Schleiz PMP FE

Race added: 2024-03-22
Results update: 2024-03-22


1. Heiner Lindner/DDRSRG MT77[-]1237:11,30003:03,900-
2. Ulli Melkus/DDRSRD Lada[-]1237:31,300---
3. Jiří Červa/CZMTX[-]1237:33,900---
4. Karel Jílek/CSMTX[1-04/KIN]1237:34,900---
5. Wolfgang Günther/DDRSEG III Lada[-]1237:35,200---
6. Frieder Kramer/DDRSEG III Lada[-]1237:54,500---
7. Peter Melkus/DDRSRG MT77 Lada[-]1237:57,800---
8. Hartmuth Thassler/DDRSRG HTS Lada[-]1238:03,100---
9. Jiří Moskal/CZMTX[-]1238:13,400---
10. Vladislav Barkowski/SUEstonia[-]1238:19,200---
11. Bernd Kasper/DDRSRG 77[-]1238:29,000---
12. Marcin Biernacki/PLPromot[-]1238:44,600---
13. Tomas Napa/SUEstonia[-]1238:44,700---
14. Wolfgang Krug/DDRSEG Lada[-]1239:11,200---
15. Otto Bartkowiak/PLRAK[-]1239:14,500---
16. Józef Kielbania/PLRAK[-]1239:16,000---
17. Alexander Kucarenko/SUEstonia[-]1239:34,900---
18. Manfred Kuhn/DFE Zastava[-]1240:07,500---
19. S. Salm/SUEstonia[-]1240:11,800---
20. Helmut Hoffmann/DDRFE Lada[-]11-----
21. Kaltscho Hinow/BGMTX[-]11-----

Did not classified

AB Jaroslav Surówka/CSMTX[-]0-----
AB Wolfgang Küther/DDRSEG /E[-]0-----


ST Sándor Kovács/HFE Lada[-]8-----
ST Volker Worm/DDRHTS[-]8-----


Heiner Lindner/DDRSRG MT77[-]DDRKL
Otto Bartkowiak/PLRAK[-]PLKL
Józef Kielbania/PLRAK[-]PLKL
Alexander Kucarenko/SUEstonia[-]CCCPKL
Manfred Kuhn/DFE Zastava[-]DDRKL
S. Salm/SUEstonia[-]CCCPKL
Helmut Hoffmann/DDRFE Lada[-]DDRKL
Kaltscho Hinow/BGMTX[-]BGKL
Sándor Kovács/HFE Lada[-]HUST
Volker Worm/DDRHTS[-]DDRST
Jaroslav Surówka/CSMTX[-]ČSSRAB
Wolfgang Krug/DDRSEG Lada[-]DDRKL
Tomas Napa/SUEstonia[-]CCCPKL
Marcin Biernacki/PLPromot[-]PLKL
Ulli Melkus/DDRSRD Lada[-]DDRKL
Karel Jílek/CSMTX[1-04/KIN]ČSSRKL
Wolfgang Günther/DDRSEG III Lada[-]DDRKL
Frieder Kramer/DDRSEG III Lada[-]DDRKL
Peter Melkus/DDRSRG MT77 Lada[-]DDRKL
Hartmuth Thassler/DDRSRG HTS Lada[-]DDRKL
Jiří Moskal/CZMTX[-]ČSSRKL
Vladislav Barkowski/SUEstonia[-]CCCPKL
Bernd Kasper/DDRSRG 77[-]DDRKL
Wolfgang Küther/DDRSEG /E[-]DDRAB

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