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Most, PMP AP/

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1988-05-08 Most, A1300
1988-05-08 Most, CVS
1988-05-08 Most, Formule Škoda
1988-05-08 Most, PMP AP

Race added: 2023-09-19
Results update: 2023-09-19



ST21Josef Michl/CZ[-]0-----
ST95Hans Jürgen Kappler/DDR[-]0-----
ST47Karel Patočka/CZ[-]0-----
ST8Henryk Mandera/PL[-]0-----
ST86Bernd Müller/DDR[-]0-----
ST42Georgi Heradijev/[-]0-----
ST97H.J. Gorgel/[-]0-----
ST3Andrej Ptak/PL[-]0-----
ST103Victor Niccara/[-]0-----
ST57Karoly Balasz/[-]0-----
ST106Sylvu Dinu/[-]0-----
ST104Ovidiu Mazilu/[-]0-----
ST101Grigoras Nicu/[-]0-----
ST40Valentin Anton/[-]0-----
ST74Michalij Tarakanov/SU[-]0-----
ST23Petr Bold/CZ[-]0-----
ST27František Došek/CZ[-]0-----
ST64Alexej Grigorijev/SU[-]0-----
ST66Jurij Serov/SU[-]0-----
ST72Jurij Kacai/SU[-]0-----
ST22Ladislav Bareš/CZ[-]0-----
ST94Klaus Gohlke/[-]0-----
ST45Jordan Kuznetsov/[-]0-----
ST87Wolfgang Krug/DDR[-]0-----
ST26Rudolf Machánek/SK[-]0-----
ST44Ivan Ivanov/BG[-]0-----
ST43Georgie Peternejtchev/BG[-]0-----
ST107Horia Andronič/[-]0-----

Qualification lap times

1. 21Josef Michl/CZ[-]01:55,120
2. 23Petr Bold/CZ[-]01:56,980
3. 27František Došek/CZ[-]01:57,050
4. 64Alexej Grigorijev/SU[-]01:57,780
5. 66Jurij Serov/SU[-]01:59,010
6. 72Jurij Kacai/SU[-]01:59,030
7. 22Ladislav Bareš/CZ[-]01:56,700
8. 94Klaus Gohlke/[-]01:59,780
9. 45Jordan Kuznetsov/[-]02:00,580
10. 87Wolfgang Krug/DDR[-]02:00,710
11. 26Rudolf Machánek/SK[-]02:01,170
12. 44Ivan Ivanov/BG[-]02:01,410
13. 43Georgie Peternejtchev/BG[-]02:01,420
14. 74Michalij Tarakanov/SU[-]02:01,900
15. 40Valentin Anton/[-]02:01,930
16. 95Hans Jürgen Kappler/DDR[-]02:02,580
17. 47Karel Patočka/CZ[-]02:02,980
18. 8Henryk Mandera/PL[-]02:03,430
19. 86Bernd Müller/DDR[-]02:03,920
20. 42Georgi Heradijev/[-]02:04,290
21. 97H.J. Gorgel/[-]02:05,160
22. 3Andrej Ptak/PL[-]02:06,300
23. 103Victor Niccara/[-]02:06,830
24. 57Karoly Balasz/[-]02:08,070
25. 106Sylvu Dinu/[-]02:09,020
26. 104Ovidiu Mazilu/[-]02:11,100
27. 101Grigoras Nicu/[-]02:05,270
28. 107Horia Andronič/[-]02:29,880


3Andrej Ptak/PL[-]ST
8Henryk Mandera/PL[-]ST
21Josef Michl/CZ[-]ST
22Ladislav Bareš/CZ[-]ST
23Petr Bold/CZ[-]ST
26Rudolf Machánek/SK[-]ST
27František Došek/CZ[-]ST
40Valentin Anton/[-]ST
42Georgi Heradijev/[-]ST
43Georgie Peternejtchev/BG[-]ST
44Ivan Ivanov/BG[-]ST
45Jordan Kuznetsov/[-]ST
47Karel Patočka/CZ[-]ST
57Karoly Balasz/[-]ST
64Alexej Grigorijev/SU[-]ST
66Jurij Serov/SU[-]ST
72Jurij Kacai/SU[-]ST
74Michalij Tarakanov/SU[-]ST
86Bernd Müller/DDR[-]ST
87Wolfgang Krug/DDR[-]ST
94Klaus Gohlke/[-]ST
95Hans Jürgen Kappler/DDR[-]ST
97H.J. Gorgel/[-]ST
101Grigoras Nicu/[-]ST
103Victor Niccara/[-]ST
104Ovidiu Mazilu/[-]ST
106Sylvu Dinu/[-]ST
107Horia Andronič/[-]ST

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