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Euromontagna Archives

AMOC Group C Invitation Race



1. 4Paul Spires/GBJaguar XJR11[-]2022:54,240-
2. 6Siegfried Brunn/DPorsche 956[-]2023:38,699-
3. 102Gary Pearson/GBEcosse C2 Swiftair[-]19---
4. 7Thomas Erdos/Jaguar XJR15[-]19---
5. 40Peter Cook/Ferrari F40LM[-]19---
6. 3Brian Chatfield/GBJaguar XJR17[-]19---
7. 81Brian Robinson/Porsche 935[-]19---
8. 34David Lees/Porsche 911RS[-]18---
9. 41Bob Searles/EMKA Aston Martin[-]18---
10. 75Nick Atkins/Tiga GC286[-]18---
11. 93John Churchill/Porsche 911GT2[-]18---
12. 49John Edwards/Porsche 911RSR[-]17---
13. 14Larry Kinch/Jaguar XJ220[-]17---
14. 11Ty Watkins/Porsche 911[-]17---
15. 18Michael Millard/Ferrari BB512[-]17---


Did not classified

AB8Philip Brunn/DPorsche 956[-]-
AB60Bob Watson/Porsche 935K3[-]-

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