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Archívy Euromontagna

32. Coppa Bruno Carotti



1. Mirco Savoldi/ILucchini P 97M BMW[-]05:41,9401. gr. CN
2. "Ricky"/IOsella PA20S[-]05:46,1302. gr. CN
3. Rüdiger Faustmann/DFaust Opel[002/Faust/]05:47,5101. gr. C3
4. Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-31/96]05:47,6703. gr. CN
5. Mauro Nesti/IBreda BMW[BRP4-001]05:54,8504. gr. CN
6. Maurizio Arfé/ISighinolfi[-]05:58,2805. gr. CN
7. Fabrizio Fattorini/IOsella PA20S[-]06:04,3006. gr. CN
8. Maurizio Roasio/IOsella PA20S[-]06:05,3497. gr. CN
9. Rosario Iaquinta/ISighinolfi SP95[-]06:14,1808. gr. CN
10. Roberto Biasioli/ILucchini BMW[002-S280/81]06:19,2509. gr. CN
11. Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-27/96]06:19,83010. gr. CN
12. Fausto Bormolini/ILucchini[105-P3-94M]06:20,08011. gr. CN
13. Antonio La Vecchia/IAlfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti[-]06:26,3401. gr. ST
14. Mario Faggioli/IOsella PA20S Renault[-]06:26,50012. gr. CN
15. Renzo Maggiani/IOsella PA16[-]06:26,60913. gr. CN
16. Nico Giorico/ILucchini SP90[067-SP90]06:29,98914. gr. CN
17. Fabio Danti/IŠkoda Octavia[-]06:32,130- ST
18. Massimo Gervasi/IBreda Alfa Romeo[BRP4-002]06:42,86915. gr. CN
19. Otakar Krámský/CZBMW M3 E36[66556013/97]06:44,1701. gr. A
20. Vicenzo Lolli Santori/IOsella PA20 Alfa Romeo[-]06:46,28916. gr. CN
21. Erwin Pichler/IBMW M3 Evo[-]06:47,420- ST
22. Lucio Ferrari/IOsella PA20S Renault[PA20S-43/97]06:49,96917. gr. CN
23. Maurizio Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]06:53,880- A
24. Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini Ford[019-SN85]06:56,34918. gr. CN
25. Vittorio Gonboso/IAlfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti[-]07:02,1402. gr. ST
26. Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Escort Cosworth[NS96071/93]07:08,7901. gr. N
27. Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]07:10,610- A
28. Marcelo Gunnella/IAlfa Romeo 75 T[-]07:11,500- ST
29. Rudi Bicciato/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]07:14,1402. gr. N
30. Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta Evo[-]07:16,040- ST
31. Attilio Salvatori/ILancia Delta Evo[-]07:19,3902. gr. A
32. Jiří Voves/CZBMW M3[65786512/97]07:22,0403. gr. N
33. Aldo Riva/IŠkoda Felicia[-]07:22,530- ST
34. Claudio Giobbi/IBMW 325[-]07:25,6604. gr. N
35. Alvaro Salvatori/IOpel Astra GSi[-]07:29,750- A
36. P. Gagliardini/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]07:33,010- N
37. "Eva"/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]07:33,980- N
38. Rocco Di Fulvio/IOpel Kadett[-]07:39,330- A
39. Rinaldo Marega/IOpel Astra GSi 16V[-]07:40,1303. gr. A
40. Francesco Loicacono/IHonda Civic[-]07:42,510- N
41. Silvio Salino/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]07:46,6204. gr. A
42. Gianni Marchiol/IHonda Civic[-]07:47,550- N
43. Massimo Tirabassi/ICitroen Saxo[-]07:48,300- ST
44. Bruno Lancioni/IFord Escort T[-]07:48,990- ST
45. Raimondo Saldi/IOpel Astra[-]07:50,530- N
46. Massimo Campogiani/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]07:52,550- A
47. Fabrizio Fogliani/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]07:55,280- A
48. Massimo Vedovello/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]07:59,890- A
49. Simone Faggioli/IRenault Clio Williams[-]08:00,500- N
50. Amedeo Pancotti/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]08:01,270- N
51. Fabrizio Torbi/IRenault Clio Williams[-]08:01,400- N
52. Luigino Ciogli/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]08:01,450- ST
53. Francesco Di Nicola/I[-]08:02,38019. gr. CN
54. Bruno Grifoni/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:04,330- A
55. Enrico Maione/IOpel Astra[-]08:04,340- N
56. Vincenzo Pangrazi/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:07,140- N
57. "Giovanni"/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:09,450- N
58. Giuseppe Madonna/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:10,630- N
59. Armin Hafner/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:10,660- N
60. Pierro Collia/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:10,900- N
61. Loretta Lancioni/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]08:11,580- N
62. Paolo Lelli/ICitroën Saxo[-]08:15,030- N
63. Donato Semeraro/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:15,350- N
64. Claudio Palma/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:15,600- N
65. Alberto Panzironi/IOpel Corsa[-]08:15,950- N
66. Giordano Paloschi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:16,250- A
67. Olivari/VW Golf Syncro[-]08:16,730- ST
68. Andrea Gerardi/IAlfa Romeo 75 T[-]08:16,800- ST
69. Mario Armuzzi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:18,360- N
70. Alfio Bennati/IOpel Kadett[-]08:18,430- N
71. Renzo Pellegrini/ILancia Delta Evo[-]08:19,330- A
72. Antonio Perotti/IOpel Astra[-]08:20,890- N
73. Giovanni Lacagnina/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:21,540- N
74. Mauro Bianchi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:24,150- N
75. Alberto Campoli/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]08:26,830- A
76. Pierfrancesco Feriozzi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:28,080- N
77. Paolo Angelini/IOpel Astra[-]08:29,110- N
78. Antonio Forti/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]08:30,450- N
79. Col?/Peugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:30,790- A
80. Alessandro Luciani/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:31,400- N
81. Domenico Palazzo/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:33,480- A
82. Gianluigi Carelli/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]08:34,220- N
83. Giuliani/Peugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:35,090- N
84. Matteo Marino/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]08:37,840- N
85. Salvatore Giuliano/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]08:38,240- ST
86. Oscar Sorci/IRenault Clio Williams[-]08:38,870- N
87. Maurizio Pomante/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:40,050- N
88. Angelo Gandini/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:42,840- A
89. Umberto Squillace/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:44,230- A
90. Antonio Valentini/IRenault Clio Williams[-]08:44,270- N
91. Maurizio Nenna/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:53,910- N
92. Tidei/Renault 5 GT Turbo[-]08:56,870- N
93. Giuseppe Erre/ICitroen AX GTi[-]09:01,990- N
94. Massimini/Citroen AX[-]09:04,660- N
95. Tommasetti/Peugeot 205 GTi[-]09:07,800- N
96. Benito Bianchi/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]09:17,630- N
97. Pappacena/Renault 5 GT Turbo[-]09:36,890- N



? Giovanni De Donato/IOsella Alfa Romeo[-]- CN
? Franz Tschager/ILucchini BMW[130-P1-97]- CN

Seznam přihlášených

Fabrizio Fogliani/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]A
Raimondo Saldi/IOpel Astra[-]N
Simone Faggioli/IRenault Clio Williams[-]N
Amedeo Pancotti/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]N
Fabrizio Torbi/IRenault Clio Williams[-]N
Enrico Maione/IOpel Astra[-]N
Alfio Bennati/IOpel Kadett[-]N
Antonio Perotti/IOpel Astra[-]N
Paolo Angelini/IOpel Astra[-]N
Antonio Forti/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]N
Oscar Sorci/IRenault Clio Williams[-]N
Pappacena/Renault 5 GT Turbo[-]N
Tidei/Renault 5 GT Turbo[-]N
Massimo Vedovello/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]A
Bruno Grifoni/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]A
Giordano Paloschi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]A
Col?/Peugeot 205 Rallye[-]A
Domenico Palazzo/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]A
Angelo Gandini/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]A
Umberto Squillace/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]A
P. Gagliardini/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]N
Loretta Lancioni/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]N
"Eva"/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]N
Antonio Valentini/IRenault Clio Williams[-]N
Francesco Loicacono/IHonda Civic[-]N
Gianni Marchiol/IHonda Civic[-]N
Donato Semeraro/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Claudio Palma/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]N
Mario Armuzzi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Giovanni Lacagnina/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Mauro Bianchi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Pierfrancesco Feriozzi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Alessandro Luciani/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Giuliani/Peugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Maurizio Pomante/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Maurizio Nenna/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Pierro Collia/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]N
Armin Hafner/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]N
Paolo Lelli/ICitroën Saxo[-]N
Alberto Panzironi/IOpel Corsa[-]N
Gianluigi Carelli/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]N
Matteo Marino/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]N
Tommasetti/Peugeot 205 GTi[-]N
Benito Bianchi/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]N
Giuseppe Erre/ICitroen AX GTi[-]N
Vincenzo Pangrazi/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]N
"Giovanni"/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]N
Giuseppe Madonna/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]N
Massimini/Citroen AX[-]N
Massimo Campogiani/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]A
Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Escort Cosworth[NS96071/93]N
Mauro Nesti/IBreda BMW[BRP4-001]CN
Rüdiger Faustmann/DFaust Opel[002/Faust/]C3
Mario Faggioli/IOsella PA20S Renault[-]CN
Rosario Iaquinta/ISighinolfi SP95[-]CN
Roberto Biasioli/ILucchini BMW[002-S280/81]CN
Franz Tschager/ILucchini BMW[130-P1-97]CN
Lucio Ferrari/IOsella PA20S Renault[PA20S-43/97]CN
Renzo Maggiani/IOsella PA16[-]CN
Fabrizio Fattorini/IOsella PA20S[-]CN
Nico Giorico/ILucchini SP90[067-SP90]CN
Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-31/96]CN
"Ricky"/IOsella PA20S[-]CN
Rudi Bicciato/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]N
Jiří Voves/CZBMW M3[65786512/97]N
Claudio Giobbi/IBMW 325[-]N
Otakar Krámský/CZBMW M3 E36[66556013/97]A
Attilio Salvatori/ILancia Delta Evo[-]A
Rinaldo Marega/IOpel Astra GSi 16V[-]A
Silvio Salino/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]A
Antonio La Vecchia/IAlfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti[-]ST
Vittorio Gonboso/IAlfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti[-]ST
Mirco Savoldi/ILucchini P 97M BMW[-]CN
Maurizio Roasio/IOsella PA20S[-]CN
Giovanni De Donato/IOsella Alfa Romeo[-]CN
Maurizio Arfé/ISighinolfi[-]CN
Fabio Danti/IŠkoda Octavia[-]ST
Olivari/VW Golf Syncro[-]ST
Aldo Riva/IŠkoda Felicia[-]ST
Massimo Tirabassi/ICitroen Saxo[-]ST
Luigino Ciogli/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]ST
Renzo Pellegrini/ILancia Delta Evo[-]A
Maurizio Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]A
Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]A
Alberto Campoli/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]A
Alvaro Salvatori/IOpel Astra GSi[-]A
Salvatore Giuliano/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]ST
Andrea Gerardi/IAlfa Romeo 75 T[-]ST
Massimo Gervasi/IBreda Alfa Romeo[BRP4-002]CN
Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-27/96]CN
Fausto Bormolini/ILucchini[105-P3-94M]CN
Vicenzo Lolli Santori/IOsella PA20 Alfa Romeo[-]CN
Francesco Di Nicola/I[-]CN
Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini Ford[019-SN85]CN
Erwin Pichler/IBMW M3 Evo[-]ST
Marcelo Gunnella/IAlfa Romeo 75 T[-]ST
Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta Evo[-]ST
Bruno Lancioni/IFord Escort T[-]ST
Rocco Di Fulvio/IOpel Kadett[-]A

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