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Opel Astra

Výsledky hledání

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1992-06-07Havířov-ŠenovOpel Astra Oskar Blasko/A[-]
1992-06-07Havířov-ŠenovOpel Astra Leopold Mitterhuber/A[-]
1992-06-07Havířov-ŠenovOpel Astra Wilhelm Stengg/A[-]
1992-06-07Havířov-ŠenovOpel Astra Peter Schaider/A[-]
1992-06-07Havířov-ŠenovOpel Astra Manfred Kubik/A[-]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneOpel Astra Hermann Roth/CH[-]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneOpel Astra Christian Mettler/CH[-]
1994Les PaccotsOpel Astra Hans Petersen/CH[-]
1994-09-25EurohillOpel Astra Rüdiger Kaul/D[-]
1995-04-30RechbergOpel Astra Gerald Brandhuber/A[-]
1995-04-30RechbergOpel Astra Franz Wirleitner/A[-]
1995-04-30RechbergOpel Astra Vladimír Stankovič/SLO[-]
1995-04-30RechbergOpel Astra Dieter Holzer/A[-]
1995-07-09RietiOpel Astra Attilio Salvatore/I[-]
1995-07-09RietiOpel Astra Raimondo Saldi/I[-]
1995-07-09RietiOpel Astra Silvestro Savoia/I[-]
1996-04-28RechbergOpel Astra Vladimír Stankovič/SLO[-]
1996-04-28RechbergOpel Astra Alfred Huber/D[-]
1996-06-16TrierOpel Astra Vladimír Stankovič/SLO[-]
1996-06-23ŠternberkOpel Astra Vladimír Stankovič/SLO[-]
1996-07-14VallecamonicaOpel Astra Eros Saviane/I[-]
1996-07-14VallecamonicaOpel Astra Lorenzo Gatti/I[-]
1996-07-28BabaOpel Astra Gerald Brandhuber/A[-]
1996-09-09TurckheimOpel Astra Alfred Haber/D[-]
1996-10-05BeneckoOpel Astra Ivan Mifka/CZ[-]
1996-10-06BeneckoOpel Astra Ivan Mifka/CZ[-]
1997-04-27RechbergOpel Astra Franz Wirleitner/A[-]
1997-06-15TrierOpel Astra Rudolf Brandl/D[-]
1997-06-15TrierOpel Astra Stefan Schulz/D[-]
1997-06-29VallecamonicaOpel Astra Lorenzo Gatti/I[-]
1997-06-29VallecamonicaOpel Astra Raimondo Saldi/I[-]
1997-06-29VallecamonicaOpel Astra Roberto Tottoli/I[-]
1997-07-06RietiOpel Astra Raimondo Saldi/I[-]
1997-07-06RietiOpel Astra Enrico Maione/I[-]
1997-07-06RietiOpel Astra Antonio Perotti/I[-]
1997-07-06RietiOpel Astra Paolo Angelini/I[-]
1997-07-27BabaOpel Astra Sepp Strobl/A[-]
1997-08-24St. UrsanneOpel Astra Eric Nanchen/CH[-]
1997-08-24St. UrsanneOpel Astra Benoit Lomier/CH[-]
1998-05-03RechbergOpel Astra Sepp Strobl/A[-]
1998-05-03RechbergOpel Astra Gottfried Hörndler/A[-]
1998-05-03RechbergOpel Astra Dieter Holzer/A[-]
1998-05-03RechbergOpel Astra Dubravko Čikor/HR[-]
1998-05-31PecsOpel Astra Gottfried Hörndler/A[-]
1998-06-14TrierOpel Astra Jean Pierre Flammang/L[-]
1998-06-14TrierOpel Astra Hans Schäfer/D[-]
1998-06-28VallecamonicaOpel Astra Raimondo Saldi/I[-]
1998-06-28VallecamonicaOpel Astra Davide Grillo/I[-]
1998-06-28VallecamonicaOpel Astra Eligio Butturini/I[-]
1998-06-28VallecamonicaOpel Astra Roberto Tottoli/I[-]
1998-08-16Ústí nad OrlicíOpel Astra Milan Tichý/CZ[-]
1998-08-16Ústí nad OrlicíOpel Astra Petr Benedikt/CZ[-]
1999-05-02RechbergOpel Astra Dieter Holzer/A[-]
1999-05-02RechbergOpel Astra Renato Hvala/SLO[-]
1999-05-02RechbergOpel Astra Hans Brei/A[-]
1999-05-16Coppa NissenaOpel Astra Leo Bajardo/I[-]
1999-05-16Coppa NissenaOpel Astra Michelangelo Alessi/I[-]
1999-05-16Coppa NissenaOpel Astra Pietro Maratona/I[-]
1999-05-23Monte EriceOpel Astra Leo Bajardo/I[-]
1999-05-23Monte EriceOpel Astra Pietro Maratona/I[-]
1999-05-23JaizkibelOpel Astra Jose Ramon Castillon/E[-]
1999-06-06Caprino-SpiazziOpel Astra Leo Bajardo/I[-]
1999-07-04VallecamonicaOpel Astra Roberto Tottoli/I[-]
1999-07-04VallecamonicaOpel Astra Gianluigi Peluchetti/I[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneOpel Astra Balthasar Kamm/CH[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneOpel Astra Oskar Kuhn/CH[-]
2000-04-30RechbergOpel Astra Hans Brei/A[-]
2000-05-01EschdorfOpel Astra Jean Pierre Flammang/L[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelOpel Astra Jose Ramon Castillon/E[-]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaOPEL Astra Antonio Maione/I[-]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaOpel Astra Roberto Tottoli/I[-]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaOpel Astra Eligio Butturini/I[-]
2000-07-02RietiOpel Astra Enrico Maione/I[-]
2000-07-02RietiOpel Astra Antonio Perotti/I[-]
2000-07-02RietiOpel Astra Giovanni Benedetti/I[-]
2000-07-02RietiOpel Astra Paolo Angelini/I[-]
2000-07-02RietiOpel Astra Rocco Di Fulvio/I[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimOpel Astra Jerome Schmitt/F[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimOpel Astra Achim Kreim/D[-]
2000-10-01MühlbachOpel Astra Walter Struckmann/D[-]
2000-10-01MühlbachOpel Astra Thomas Sühs/A[-]
2001-06-17TrierOpel Astra Heiko Seiwert/D[-]
2001-08-12Mont DoreOpel Astra Dubravko Čikor/HR[_astraGSIK]
2001-08-19St. UrsanneOpel Astra Dubravko Čikor/HR[_astraGSIK]
2001-09-09TurckheimOpel Astra Dubravko Čikor/HR[_astraGSIK]
2002-06-15TrierOpel Astra Achim Kreim/D[-]
2002-06-15TrierOpel Astra Andy Schaus/L[-]
2002-06-15TrierOpel Astra Jean Pierre Flammang/L[-]
2002-07-21BabaOpel Astra Kateřina Hošťálková/CZ[_astraGSINam]
2002-08-18St. UrsanneOpel Astra Evžen Knorr/CZ[_astraGSINam]
2003-05-18Al FitoOpel Astra Jose Luis Alvarez/E[-]
2003-06-15TrierOpel Astra Jean Pierre Flammang/L[-]
2003-06-15TrierOpel Astra Edmund Seiwert/D[-]
2003-06-15TrierOpel Astra Achim Kreim/D[-]
2003-06-29VallecamonicaOpel Astra Francesco Crupi/I[-]
2003-06-29VallecamonicaOpel Astra Luca Tarchini/I[-]
2003-08-10Mont DoreOpel Astra Karel Patočka/CZ[_astraGSIK]
2003-09-21BuzetOpel Astra Boro Mateša/HR[-]
2003-09-22Coppa NissenaOpel Astra Epifanio Beccaria/I[-]
2004-06-13TrierOpel Astra Achim Kreim/D[-]
2004-06-13TrierOpel Astra Edmund Seiwert/D[-]
2004-07-04RietiOpel Astra Sergio Santuccione/I[-]
2004-07-11VallecamonicaOpel Astra David Anesi/I[-]
2004-07-11VallecamonicaOpel Astra Francesco Crupi/I[-]
2004-08-08Mont DoreOpel Astra Petr Vojáček/CZ[-]
2004-09-19BuzetOpel Astra Boro Mateša/HR[-]
2005-06-12TrierOpel Astra Achim Kreim/D[-]
2005-06-12TrierOpel Astra Edmund Seiwert/D[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreOpel Astra Christian Debias/F[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreOpel Astra Martin Jerman/CZ[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreOpel Astra Lukáš Vojáček/CZ[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreOpel Astra Petr Vojáček/CZ[-]
2005-10-08BrnoOpel Astra Mayer/A[-]
2005-10-08BrnoOpel Astra Strell/A[-]
2006-07-09RietiOpel Astra Germano Baldieri/I[-]
2006-07-09RietiOpel Astra Antonio Perotti/I[-]
2006-07-09RietiOpel Astra Gianfranco Buldrighini/I[-]
2006-08-13Mont DoreOpel Astra Lukáš Vojáček/CZ[-]
2007-04-29RechbergOpel Astra Heiko Fiausch/A[-]
2008-05-18EstrelaOpel Astra Rui Duarte Raposo/P[-]
2008-06-21DobšináOpel Astra Gabriela Jermanová-Sajlerová/CZ[81752/2001]
2008-06-22DobšináOpel Astra Gabriela Jermanová-Sajlerová/CZ[81752/2001]
2008-10-11Ostrava-Vítkovice VOpel Astra -[-]
2009-06-14TrierOpel Astra Yves Kremer/L[-]
2010-04-25RechbergOpel Astra  Heimo Hinterhofer/A[-]
2010-05-09EstrelaOpel Astra Rodrigo Ferreira/P[-]
2010-06-13TrierOpel Astra Edmund Seiwert/D[-]
2010-08-29Ilirska BistricaOpel Astra Chris Andre Mayer/A[-]
2011-06-05TrierOpel Astra Edmund Seiwert/D[-]
2011-07-03Trento BondoneOpel Astra Luca Manera/I[-]
2016-05-07Náměšť nad OslavouOpel Astra Jiří Ošmera/CZ[-]
2016-05-08Náměšť nad OslavouOpel Astra Jiří Ošmera/CZ[-]
2016-05-28Ústí nad OrlicíOpel Astra Jiří Ošmera/CZ[-]
2016-05-29Ústí nad OrlicíOpel Astra Jiří Ošmera/CZ[-]
2016-06-05ŠternberkOpel Astra Jiří Ošmera/CZ[-]
2016-07-17DobšináOpel Astra Jiří Ošmera/CZ[-]
2017-07-23DobšináOpel Astra Lukáš Malík/CZ[-]
2018-03-31Brno Autodrom ZAVOpel Astra Jiří Kopeček/CZ[-]
2018-03-31Brno Autodrom ZAVOpel Astra Jiří Kopeček/CZ[-]
2018-05-05Náměšť nad OslavouOpel Astra Jiří Kopeček/CZ[-]
2018-05-06Náměšť nad OslavouOpel Astra Jiří Kopeček/CZ[-]
2018-08-25Ústí nad OrlicíOpel Astra Jiří Kopeček/CZ[-]
2018-08-26Ústí nad OrlicíOpel Astra Jiří Kopeček/CZ[-]
2018-09-09Šternberk 4,8kmOpel Astra Jiří Kopeček/CZ[-]
2019-07-28LimanowaOpel Astra Daniel Kielbik/PL[-]
2021-05-09Rampa de BoticasOpel ASTRA José Pedro Gomes/P[-]
2021-07-25LimanowaOpel Astra Anna Ambrúz/SK[-]
2022-08-20LaudonOpel Astra Michal Kašák/CZ[-]
2022-08-21LaudonOpel Astra Michal Kašák/CZ[-]
2023-06-04ŠternberkOpel Astra Heiko Fiausch/A[-]


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