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Archívy Euromontagna

20. Pedavena-Croce D´Aune

Pedavena - CIVM/I


1. 354Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-76/00]04:26,4001. gr. CN
2. 352Erasmo Bologna/IOsella PA20S[-]04:37,3002. gr. CN
3. 353Armando Mangini/IOsella PA20S[-]04:40,6503. gr. CN
4. 347Marino Ramella/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]04:46,8204. gr. CN
5. 346Riccardo Ala/IBogani Alfa Romeo[12-1991]04:50,8405. gr. CN
6. 338Romano De Gan/IGi.Pi. Sport[L-005/1978]04:53,7106. gr. CN
7. 327Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155 ITC[-]04:54,4601. gr. CHS
8. 339Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini[-]04:55,6607. gr. CN
9. 343Roberto Bonvecchio/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[078-SP91]04:56,6608. gr. CN
10. 331Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena Challenge[-]05:02,7402. gr. CHS
11. 313Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]05:05,3801. gr. A
12. 326Giuseppe Zarpellon/IBMW M3[-]05:06,8303. gr. CHS
13. 344Renato Sartoretto/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-28/96]05:07,9009. gr. CN
14. 312Rudi Bicciato/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII.[-]05:08,6102. gr. A
15. 253Armin Brunner/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]05:12,3801. gr. N
16. 311Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta HF Evo[-]05:12,4303. gr. A
17. 348Nello Gnesato/IOlmas BMW[-]05:13,85010. gr. CN
18. 252Roland Florian/IBMW M3[-]05:15,4902. gr. N
19. 342Erminio Bonetti/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]05:15,79011. gr. CN
20. 292Michele Ghirardo/IHonda Civic Vti[-]05:16,6104. gr. A
42. 334Otello Viali/IViali 4[-]05:35,67012. gr. CN
64. 337Gianluca De Camilis/ILola T590 Peugeot[-]05:49,24013. gr. CN
78. 336Valeria Pulvirenti/IGRS Sport[-]05:55,60014. gr. CN
93. 335Walter Gottardi/IGi.Pi. Sport Honda[S-002/1981]06:03,78015. gr. CN

Seznam přihlášených

252Roland Florian/IBMW M3[-]NKL
253Armin Brunner/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]NKL
292Michele Ghirardo/IHonda Civic Vti[-]AKL
311Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta HF Evo[-]AKL
312Rudi Bicciato/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII.[-]AKL
313Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]AKL
326Giuseppe Zarpellon/IBMW M3[-]CHSKL
327Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155 ITC[-]CHSKL
331Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena Challenge[-]CHSKL
334Otello Viali/IViali 4[-]CNKL
335Walter Gottardi/IGi.Pi. Sport Honda[S-002/1981]CNKL
336Valeria Pulvirenti/IGRS Sport[-]CNKL
337Gianluca De Camilis/ILola T590 Peugeot[-]CNKL
338Romano De Gan/IGi.Pi. Sport[L-005/1978]CNKL
339Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini[-]CNKL
342Erminio Bonetti/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]CNKL
343Roberto Bonvecchio/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[078-SP91]CNKL
344Renato Sartoretto/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-28/96]CNKL
346Riccardo Ala/IBogani Alfa Romeo[12-1991]CNKL
347Marino Ramella/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]CNKL
348Nello Gnesato/IOlmas BMW[-]CNKL
352Erasmo Bologna/IOsella PA20S[-]CNKL
353Armando Mangini/IOsella PA20S[-]CNKL
354Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-76/00]CNKL

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