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Knutstorp Ring

Knutstorp Ring - RS/


1. 45Mikael Nordlander/SNemesis RME[-]010:41,29001:02,818-
2. 51Sören P. Christensen/DKMallock U2 Mk16[-]010:50,68401:03,727-
3. 56Jan Nordgren/SPhantom P 91[-]010:54,24701:04,216-
4. 511Stefan Mumm/SMallock Mk28/30[-]015:59,38001:04,350-
5. 47Christian Carlsson/SLola T598C[-]011:00,43001:04,684-
6. 52Svein Langholm/NMallock Mk24[-]011:00,87801:04,442-
7. 53Mats Lundkvist/SBodola MK5[-]011:05,48401:04,721-
8. 55Jens Storm-Nielsen/DKMallock U2[-]011:20,90501:06,323-
9. 49Claes Pettersson/SLucchini P3/Alfa Romeo[-]011:35,54401:08,170-
10. 57Torbjörn Jungeby/SMallock Mk20[-]011:36,64501:07,677-
11. 59Peter Strand/SMallock Mk20B[-]011:44,98701:08,843-
12. 40Henning Olsen/DKTiga SC78[-]011:10,41701:11,822-


AB58Rolf Emil Westerberg/SMallock Mk16[-]9--01:04,374-
AB513Peter Johansson/SMallock[-]5--01:14,392-
AB519Flemming Bendixen/DKMallock[-]0-----


T54Johan Westerberg/SPhantom P 94[-]0-----

Výsledky tréninku

1. 45Mikael Nordlander/SNemesis RME[-]01:02,115
2. 513Peter Johansson/SMallock[-]01:04,197
3. 511Stefan Mumm/SMallock Mk28/30[-]01:03,161
4. 51Sören P. Christensen/DKMallock U2 Mk16[-]01:03,620
5. 56Jan Nordgren/SPhantom P 91[-]01:04,216
6. 52Svein Langholm/NMallock Mk24[-]01:04,282
7. 53Mats Lundkvist/SBodola MK5[-]01:05,566
8. 47Christian Carlsson/SLola T598C[-]01:04,977
9. 519Flemming Bendixen/DKMallock[-]01:11,357
10. 54Johan Westerberg/SPhantom P 94[-]01:05,221
11. 55Jens Storm-Nielsen/DKMallock U2[-]01:06,896
12. 49Claes Pettersson/SLucchini P3/Alfa Romeo[-]01:07,205
13. 59Peter Strand/SMallock Mk20B[-]01:08,458
14. 57Torbjörn Jungeby/SMallock Mk20[-]01:08,137
15. 40Henning Olsen/DKTiga SC78[-]01:11,915
16. 58Rolf Emil Westerberg/SMallock Mk16[-]01:23,198

Seznam přihlášených

40Henning Olsen/DKTiga SC78[-]ASKKL
45Mikael Nordlander/SNemesis RME[-]SSK, StockholmKL
47Christian Carlsson/SLola T598C[-]Amals MKKL
49Claes Pettersson/SLucchini P3/Alfa Romeo[-]ÖSVK, ĹtvidabergKL
51Sören P. Christensen/DKMallock U2 Mk16[-]MGCC, VirumKL
52Svein Langholm/NMallock Mk24[-]NSK, OsloKL
53Mats Lundkvist/SBodola MK5[-]SSK, BrommaKL
54Johan Westerberg/SPhantom P 94[-]Falkenbergs MK,TrollhättanT
55Jens Storm-Nielsen/DKMallock U2[-]Hyllinge MS, HelbäckKL
56Jan Nordgren/SPhantom P 91[-]MGCC, HöllvikenKL
57Torbjörn Jungeby/SMallock Mk20[-]Karlskoga MF, KarlskogaKL
58Rolf Emil Westerberg/SMallock Mk16[-]SMK Sundsvall,KvisslebyAB
59Peter Strand/SMallock Mk20B[-]MGCC,AsmundtorpKL
511Stefan Mumm/SMallock Mk28/30[-]MGCC, LövdagKL
513Peter Johansson/SMallock[-]SMK Trollhättan, VänersborgAB
519Flemming Bendixen/DKMallock[-]HMS,HerlevAB

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