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Archívy Euromontagna

33. Montepellegrino



1. 205Gianpaolo Cereaolo/IOsella PA9[-]04:14,670- C3
2. 212Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella PA9[-]04:16,160- C3
3. 187Benny Rosolia/IOsella PA9[-]04:16,290- C3
4. Gino Caci/Osella PA9[-]04:26,920- C3
5. "Oiram"/ILola T294[-]04:41,390- C3
6. Antonio Fortuna/ILucchini[-]04:52,1001. gr. CN
7. Domenico Guagliardo/IPorsche 911 SC[-]04:53,7601. gr. B
8. Giuseppe Lombardo/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]04:57,4101. gr. A
9. Alfonso Gambino/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:00,0792. gr. A
10. Giuseppe Licata/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:00,8201. gr. N

Další (Klasifikováni)

KL Arresta/IBellasi[-]005:07,010--- C3
KL Carmelo Mini/IAMS[-]005:31,250--- C3
KL Santo Ferraro/IOsella PA9[-]0----- C3
KL S. Ferrera/IBogani[-]005:13,059--3. gr. CN
KL Rocco Aiuto/IErmolli[-]005:24,799--4. gr. CN
KL Prospero Gulisano/ILucchini[-]005:07,959--22. gr. CN
KL Salvatore Virgilio/IOsella PA9[-]005:04,250--- C3
KL Giuseppe D´Anca/IAMS[-]005:06,630--- C3


? Salvatore Anelli/I?[-]0----- C3

Seznam přihlášených

Domenico Guagliardo/IPorsche 911 SC[-]BKL
Rocco Aiuto/IErmolli[-]CNKL
Giuseppe Licata/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]NKL
Alfonso Gambino/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]AKL
Giuseppe Lombardo/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]AKL
S. Ferrera/IBogani[-]CNKL
Prospero Gulisano/ILucchini[-]CNKL
Antonio Fortuna/ILucchini[-]CNKL
"Oiram"/ILola T294[-]C3KL
Gino Caci/Osella PA9[-]C3KL
Santo Ferraro/IOsella PA9[-]C3KL
Giuseppe D´Anca/IAMS[-]C3KL
Salvatore Virgilio/IOsella PA9[-]C3KL
Carmelo Mini/IAMS[-]C3KL
Salvatore Anelli/I?[-]C3?
187Benny Rosolia/IOsella PA9[-]yellowC3KL
205Gianpaolo Cereaolo/IOsella PA9[-]ArennawhiteC3KL
212Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella PA9[-]Nord SudredC3KL

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