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Archívy Euromontagna

Symbol LM89

Výsledky hledání

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1989-03-26MagioneSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1989-03-26MagioneSymbol LM89 Ugo Merzario/I[-]
1989-03-26MagioneSymbol LM89 Vito Boffa/I[-]
1989-04-16VallelungaSymbol LM89 Giorgio Francia/I[-]
1989-04-16VallelungaSymbol LM89 Giampiero Consonni/I[-]
1989-04-16VallelungaSymbol LM89 Brambilla/I[-]
1989-04-16VallelungaSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1989-04-16VallelungaSymbol LM89 Ugo Merzario/I[-]
1989-04-23ImolaSymbol LM89 Ugo Merzario/I[-]
1989-04-23ImolaSymbol LM89 Giorgio Francia/I[-]
1989-06-04VaranoSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1989-06-04VaranoSymbol LM89 Giampiero Consonni/I[-]
1989-06-04VaranoSymbol LM89 Angelo Dugnani/I[-]
1989-06-25MonzaSymbol LM89 Angelo Dugnani/I[-]
1989-06-25MonzaSymbol LM89 Cristiano Minellono/I[-]
1989-06-25MonzaSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1989-06-25MonzaSymbol LM89 Giorgio Francia/I[-]
1989-06-25MonzaSymbol LM89 Giampiero Consonni/I[-]
1989-06-25MonzaSymbol LM89 Ugo Merzario/I[-]
1989-07-09PergusaSymbol LM89 Ugo Merzario/I[-]
1989-07-09PergusaSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1989-09-03MagioneSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1989-09-03MagioneSymbol LM89 Giampiero Consonni/I[-]
1989-09-03MagioneSymbol LM89 Angelo Dugnani/I[-]
1989-09-03MagioneSymbol LM89 Ugo Merzario/I[-]
1989-09-17BinettoSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1989-09-17BinettoSymbol LM89 Ugo Merzario/I[-]
1989-10-08VaranoSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1989-10-08VaranoSymbol LM89 Giampiero Consonni/I[-]
1989-10-08VaranoSymbol LM89 Ugo Merzario/I[-]
1989-10-08VaranoSymbol LM89 Fabio Montani/I[-]
1989-10-28VallelungaSymbol LM89 Giampiero Consonni/I[-]
1989-10-28VallelungaSymbol LM89 Angelo Dugnani/I[-]
1989-10-28VallelungaSymbol LM89 Fabio Montani/I[-]
1989-10-28VallelungaSymbol LM89 Arturo Merzario/I[-]
1990-05-27Acquaviva PicenaSymbol LM89 Dino Franceschini/I[LM89-20]
1990-06-24CividaleSymbol LM89 Dino Franceschini/I[LM89-20]
1990-08-05VerzegnisSymbol LM89 Dino Franceschini/I[LM89-20]
1991-05-19Biela-OropaSymbol LM89 Michele Licheri/I[-]
1991-05-26Acquaviva PicenaSymbol LM89 Dino Franceschini/I[LM89-20]
1991-07-14TodiSymbol LM89 Dino Franceschini/I[LM89-20]
1991-08-07Suse-Mont-CenisSymbol LM89 Michele Licheri/I[-]
1992-06-07Caprino-SpiazziSymbol LM89 Michele Licheri/I[-]
1992-07-05VenetoSymbol LM89 Dino Franceschini/I[LM89-20]
1992-07-26Cesana-SestriereSymbol LM89 Michele Licheri/I[-]
2002-04-07Bagnols SabranSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2002-06-16Mont VentouxSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2002-06-23La Broque SchirmeckSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2002-07-07VuillafansSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2002-07-28DunieresSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2002-08-11Mont DoreSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2002-08-25ChamrousseSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2002-09-06TurckheimSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2002-09-14LimonestSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2003-04-06Bagnols SabranSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2003-04-27Col St. PierreSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]
2003-06-01BeaujolaisSymbol LM89 Bernard Pesenti/F[LM89-21]


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