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Archívy Euromontagna

Lancia Delta HF

Výsledky hledání

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1984-08-12Mont DoreLancia Delta HF Jean Pierre Large/F[-]
1984-08-12Mont DoreLancia Delta HF Michel Vervial/F[-]
1987-05-17MontsenyLancia Delta HF Juan Franquesa/E[-]
1987-08-09Mont DoreLancia Delta HF Jean Luc Baillet/F[-]
1989-06-18ŠternberkLancia Delta HF Edward Kinderman/PL[AB000466107]
1989-07-02PecsLancia Delta HF Edward Kinderman/PL[AB000466107]
1989-09-17CefaluLancia Delta HF Giuseppe Ganci/I[-]
1989-10-08SamerbergLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
1990-04-29RechbergLancia Delta HF Edward Kinderman/PL[-]
1990-04-29RechbergLancia Delta HF Jan Kosciuszko/PL[-]
1990-05-27ŠternberkLancia Delta HF Edward Kinderman/PL[AB000466107]
1990-05-27ŠternberkLancia Delta HF Edward Kinderman/PL[AB000466107]
1990-06-03PecsLancia Delta HF Edward Kinderman/PL[AB000466107]
1990-06-17TrierLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
1992-07-26Cesana-SestriereLancia Delta HF Emilio Corio/I[-]
1992-07-26Cesana-SestriereLancia Delta HF Gianfranco Navone/I[-]
1992-07-26Cesana-SestriereLancia Delta HF Roberto Nosenzo/I[-]
1992-07-26Cesana-SestriereLancia Delta HF Eris Cesarato/I[-]
1992-07-26Cesana-SestriereLancia Delta HF Emilio Benenati/I[-]
1993-04-25RechbergLancia Delta HF Francisco Gutierrez/E[-]
1993-04-25RechbergLancia Delta HF Felix Pailer/A[-]
1993-05-16JaizkibelLancia Delta HF Francisco Gutierrez/E[-]
1993-06-20RietiLancia Delta HF Luca Cappellari/I[-]
1993-06-20RietiLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1993-09-05TurckheimLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1993-10-03Al FitoLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1994-05-01RechbergLancia Delta HF Felix Pailer/A[-]
1994-05-22JaizkibelLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1994-05-22JaizkibelLancia Delta HF Bernardo J. Cardin/E[-]
1994-06-05Vall´s D´AndorraLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1994-06-12TrierLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1994-07-17Monte CampioneLancia Delta HF Nunziato Settimo/I[-]
1994-07-17Monte CampioneLancia Delta HF Luca Cappellari/I[-]
1994-07-17Monte CampioneLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1994-07-17Monte CampioneLancia Delta HF Felice Ducoli/I[-]
1994-07-17Monte CampioneLancia Delta HF Erminio Bonetti/I[-]
1994-08-07Mont DoreLancia Delta HF Ramon Oliva Vilaro/E[-]
1994-08-07Mont DoreLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneLancia Delta HF Catherine Sinopoli/F[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneLancia Delta HF Bruno Ianniello/CH[-]
1995ManzanedaLancia Delta HF Bernardo J. Cardin/E[-]
1995ChantadaLancia Delta HF Bernardo J. Cardin/E[-]
1995ChantadaLancia Delta HF Rafael Pare. Palacios/E[-]
1995-06-11TrierLancia Delta HF Jan Kubíček/CZ[-]
1995-07-09RietiLancia Delta HF Renzo Pellegrini/I[-]
1995-07-16VallecamonicaLancia Delta HF Felice Ducoli/I[-]
1995-07-16VallecamonicaLancia Delta HF Tiziano Gimondi/I[-]
1996-07-07RietiLancia Delta HF Attilio Salvatore/I[-]
1996-07-07RietiLancia Delta HF Roberto Di Giuseppe/I[-]
1996-07-07RietiLancia Delta HF Nicola Capriati/I[-]
1996-07-07RietiLancia Delta HF Niko Pulič/CR[A5448/92]
1996-07-07RietiLancia Delta HF Renzo Pellegrini/I[-]
1996-09-09TurckheimLancia Delta HF Xavier Du Castel/F[-]
1997-09-07VergatoLancia Delta HF Massimo Saccomanno/I[-]
1998-07-05RietiLancia Delta HF Attilio Salvatori/I[-]
1998-08-30Lima AbetoneLancia Delta HF Renzo Pellegrini/I[-]
2000-07-02RietiLancia Delta HF Roberto Di Giuseppe/I[-]
2001-07-14VsetínLancia Delta HF Vlado Packa/SK[-]
2001-07-15VsetínLancia Delta HF Vlado Packa/SK[-]
2001-07-22BabaLancia Delta HF Vlado Packa/SK[-]
2001-10-07MickhausenLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
2002-05-01EschdorfLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
2002-05-20WolsfeldLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
2002-06-30IbergLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
2002-08-11OsnabrückLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
2002-08-18HauensteinLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
2002-09-01KyffhäuserLancia Delta HF Norbert Handa/D[-]
2016-09-04Ilirska BistricaLancia Delta HF Igor Gauš/HR[-]
2017-09-03Ilirska BistricaLancia Delta HF Martin Jeršin/[-]
2022-09-04Ilirska BistricaLancia Delta HF Milan Bubnič/SLO[-]


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