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Archívy Euromontagna

18th Semmering (Vienna)



1. 96Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DAustro-Daimler ADR 4.0[-]06:13,5601. gr. RaceCars
2. 83Rudolf Caracciola/DMercedes-Benz[-]06:35,4201. gr. SportsCars
3. Max Hardegg/CSSteyr[-]06:47,4902. gr. RaceCars
4. Ferdinand Andreas von Liechtenstein/Bugatti[-]06:52,8302. gr. SportsCars
5. 94László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]06:54,0003. gr. RaceCars
6. Bernhard Ackerl/ASteyr[-]07:00,0004. gr. RaceCars
7. 86Bernhard Kandl/AAmilcar[-]07:05,2605. gr. RaceCars
8. Rudolf Steinweg/DAmilcar[-]07:13,3706. gr. RaceCars
9. 84Manfred von Brauchitsch/DMercedes-Benz[-]07:21,1703. gr. SportsCars
10. Franz Wenzler/Mercedes-Benz[-]07:29,1701. gr. TC
11. Florian Schmidt/CSAmilcar[-]07:32,0004. gr. SportsCars
12. Bernhard Ackerl/ASteyr[-]07:42,9507. gr. RaceCars
13. László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]07:52,7805. gr. SportsCars
14. 70Peter Heidinger/Mercedes-Benz[-]08:01,2002. gr. TC
15. Rudolf Holzermayer/Steyr[-]08:09,9306. gr. SportsCars
16. Sachsal/Bugatti[-]08:19,8703. gr. TC
17. Walter H. Oestreicher/DDKW[-]08:33,5507. gr. SportsCars
18. Paul Feledy/HBugatti[-]08:37,6804. gr. TC
19. Minki Klinger/Steyr[-]08:43,5308. gr. SportsCars
20. 62Karl Imhof/Austro Daimler ADM[-]08:48,8605. gr. TC
21. Alexander Lindenmann/Bugatti[-]09:03,650- TC
22. Charly Jellen/DBugatti[-]09:04,090- TC
23. Ilario Corro/ILancia[-]09:13,640- TC
24. 77Felix Kraus/Chenard-Walcker[-]09:26,0009. gr. SportsCars
25. Max Hoffmann/AMorris MG[-]09:34,18010. gr. SportsCars
26. Herbert Quinque/BMW[-]09:50,55011. gr. SportsCars
27. Hans Falnbigl/ABMW[-]09:52,92012. gr. SportsCars
28. Victor Strasser/DKW[-]09:57,000- TC
29. F. Frankl/ABMW[-]10:24,020- TC
30. Hans Lieser/ATalbot[-]10:31,230- TC



AB Rudolf Holzermayer/Steyr[-]- TC
AB Jiří Kristián Lobkowic/CSBugatti[-]- RaceCars
AB C. Volkhart/Bugatti[-]- RaceCars

Seznam přihlášených

Charly Jellen/DBugatti[-]TC
Minki Klinger/Steyr[-]SportsCars
Max Hardegg/CSSteyr[-]Jiri Christian LobkowitzRaceCars
Bernhard Ackerl/ASteyr[-]RaceCars
Hans Falnbigl/ABMW[-]SportsCars
Max Hoffmann/AMorris MG[-]SportsCars
László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]SportsCars
Rudolf Holzermayer/Steyr[-]SportsCars
Rudolf Steinweg/DAmilcar[-]RaceCars
C. Volkhart/Bugatti[-]Rudolf KürlenRaceCars
Jiří Kristián Lobkowic/CSBugatti[-]Jiri Christian LobkowitzRaceCars
Bernhard Ackerl/ASteyr[-]RaceCars
Ferdinand Andreas von Liechtenstein/Bugatti[-]SportsCars
Rudolf Holzermayer/Steyr[-]TC
Hans Lieser/ATalbot[-]TC
Victor Strasser/DKW[-]TC
F. Frankl/ABMW[-]TC
Alexander Lindenmann/Bugatti[-]TC
Paul Feledy/HBugatti[-]TC
Ilario Corro/ILancia[-]Renzo GuettaTC
Florian Schmidt/CSAmilcar[-]SportsCars
Herbert Quinque/BMW[-]SportsCars
Walter H. Oestreicher/DDKW[-]SportsCars
Franz Wenzler/Mercedes-Benz[-]TC
62Karl Imhof/Austro Daimler ADM[-]TC
70Peter Heidinger/Mercedes-Benz[-]TC
77Felix Kraus/Chenard-Walcker[-]SportsCars
83Rudolf Caracciola/DMercedes-Benz[-]SportsCars
84Manfred von Brauchitsch/DMercedes-Benz[-]SportsCars
86Bernhard Kandl/AAmilcar[-]Engelbert Graf Arco-ZinnebergRaceCars
94László Hartmann/HBugatti[-]RaceCars
96Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DAustro-Daimler ADR 4.0[-]RaceCars

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