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Sarnano Trofeo Scarfiotti Macerata



1. 19Simone Faggioli/INorma M20 FC[M20FC-018/2016]04:06,5801. gr. E2SC-3000
2. 1Christian Merli/IOsella FA 30[30-04/09-FA30]04:12,4101. gr. E2SS-3000
3. 21Omar Magliona/INorma M20 FC[M20FC-7/2014]04:15,6502. gr. E2SC-3000
4. 25Domenico Cubeda/IOsella PA 2000[PA2000-PA30*07/09]04:24,3803. gr. E2SC-2000
5. 24Domenico jr. Scola/IOsella PA 2000 Honda[PA2000-Scola]04:28,5604. gr. E2SC-2000
6. 35Luca Ligato/IOsella PA 21 Evo[-]04:29,2001. gr. CN-2000
7. 34Achille Lombardi/IOsella PA 21/S Evo[-]04:38,5302. gr. CN-2000
8. 45Manuel Dondi/IFiat X 1/9[-]04:54,2601. gr. E2SH-3000
9. 55Marco Sbrollini/ILancia Delta[-]04:55,4701. gr. E1ITALIA->3000
10. 23Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155 ITC[-]04:56,3002. gr. E2SH-3000
11. 36Rosario Iaquinta/IOsella PA 21 Evo[-]04:56,6303. gr. CN-2000
15. 4Adolfo Bottura/IOsella FA 30[30-02/09-FA30]05:03,5302. gr. E2SS-3000
50. 27Paolo Venturi/IElia Avrio ST 09 Evo[-]05:47,0705. gr. E2SC-2000
72. 28Andrea Pace/IRadical[-]06:02,2706. gr. E2SC-2000


Non ha fatto scrutinare

NS38Giuseppe Vacca/IOsella PA 21/J[-]- CN-2000
NS31Stanislao Bielanski/ILucchini P1/98[-]- CN-3000
NS22Romano Fortunati/ILigier JXR[-]- E2SC-3000

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