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21° Pedavena/Croce d’Aune



1. 304Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-95/03]04:25,6201. gr. CN
2. 285Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA21S Honda[PA21-14/03-S]04:27,0002. gr. CN
3. 303Rosario Iaquinta/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]04:30,7903. gr. CN
4. 277Georg Plasa/DBMW 320 V8 Judd[-]04:36,9701. gr. CHS
5. 302Armando Mangini/IOsella PA20S[-]04:37,2704. gr. CN
6. 293Paolo Strenghetto/ISighinolfi BMW[-]04:39,1905. gr. CN
7. 298Roberto Biasioli/IBreda BMW[-]04:46,9406. gr. CN
8. 259Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155 V6 ITC[-]04:50,3902. gr. CHS
9. 283Roberto Ragazzi/IOsella PA21S Honda[-]04:50,6207. gr. CN
10. 276Fulvio Giuliani/ILancia Delta Evo[-]04:50,6303. gr. CHS
11. 295Renzo Maggiani/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-53/98]04:51,3808. gr. CN
12. 275Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta Evo[-]04:51,9204. gr. CHS
13. 287Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini SP291[085-SP291]04:54,4609. gr. CN
14. 258Marco Iacoangeli/IBMW 320 [-]04:54,9905. gr. CHS
15. 291Giuseppe Chiminelli/IOsella BMW[-]04:56,48010. gr. CN
16. 282Romano De Gan/IGi.Pi. Sport[L-005/1978]04:56,66011. gr. CN
17. 284Fabrizio Peroni/ILucchini Renault[-]04:57,65012. gr. CN
18. 274Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena[-]04:58,3006. gr. CHS
19. 243Rudi Bicciato/IMitsubishi Evo 6[-]05:04,5001. gr. A
20. 292Nello Gnesato/IOlmas BMW[-]05:05,93013. gr. CN
21. 257Giuseppe Zarpellon/IBMW M3[-]05:06,6507. gr. CHS
22. 286Renato Sartoretto/IOsella PA20S Alfa Romeo[PA20S-28/96]05:07,02014. gr. CN
23. 254Giorgio Leonardi/IPeugeot 306 Maxi[-]05:08,1708. gr. CHS
24. 273Giuseppa Tocco/IFerrari 360 Modena[-]05:10,7709. gr. CHS
25. 198Roland Florian/IBMW M3[-]05:10,9001. gr. N
26. 226Michele Ghirardo/IHonda Civic Vti[-]05:14,4402. gr. A
27. 199Armin Brunner/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]05:15,1902. gr. N
28. 197Diego De Gasperi/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]05:16,4503. gr. N
29. 224Stefano De Gan/IHonda Civic[-]05:18,8103. gr. A
30. 196Eugenio Molinaro/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]05:20,7104. gr. N
31. 242Lázsló Hernádi/HBMW M3[-]05:21,2404. gr. A
32. 294Silvano Brandi/IPicchio BMW[-]05:22,12015. gr. CN
33. 249Mario Peloso/IFord Mondeo ST[-]05:23,44010. gr. CHS
34. 194Pablo Biolghini/IMitsubishi Evo 7[-]05:24,4505. gr. N
35. 225Tiziano Turrin/ICitroen Saxo[-]05:24,8905. gr. A
36. 184Ivano Cenedese/IRenault Clio RS[-]05:24,9306. gr. N
37. 244Stefano Maccagnan/ICitroen Saxo Kit[-]05:25,69011. gr. CHS
44. 279Marco Capucci/IAMS Peugeot[-]05:29,51016. gr. CN
48. 281Gianluca De Camilis/ILola T590 Peugeot[-]05:31,48017. gr. CN
79. 278Roberto Marcon/IMarcon R01[-]05:49,66018. gr. CN


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