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Archívy Euromontagna

Monte Erice

Monte Erice/I


1. 252Enrico Grimaldi/IOsella BMW PA20S[-]07:01,51003:27,3301. gr. CN
2. 253Andrea Raiti/IOsella BMW PA20S[-]07:02,84003:29,4202. gr. CN
3. 247Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA/20S BMW[PA20S-Cinelli]07:03,34003:30,0403. gr. CN
4. 251Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella BMW PA20S[-]07:07,29003:31,5604. gr. CN
5. 248Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA/20S[PA20S-76/00]07:15,97003:33,4405. gr. CN
6. 244Salvatore Giardina/IGISA Alfa Romeo[-]07:24,76003:38,5006. gr. CN
7. 249Carmelo Scaramozzino/IBreda Alfa Romeo[BRP4-002]07:30,57003:38,9507. gr. CN
8. 243Emilio Scola/IOsella PA/20S[-]07:36,14003:46,0108. gr. CN
9. 246Fabrizio Fattorini/IOsella PA20S[-]07:44,33003:45,3609. gr. CN
10. 236Fabio Torsellini/IOsella PA/20S BMW[PA20S-60/99]07:48,91003:49,29010. gr. CN
11. 237 "Thomas"/IGISA BMW [-]07:49,46003:46,60011. gr. CN
12. 242Massimo Gervasi/IOsella PA/20S Alfa Romeo[-]07:51,47003:52,52012. gr. CN
15. 226Michele Bica/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]08:00,53003:58,96013. gr. CN
16. 232Salvatore Poma/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]08:01,51004:00,71014. gr. CN
17. 245Domenico Scola/IOsella BMW PA20S[-]08:05,87004:00,23015. gr. CN
18. 235Pietro Conticelli/IHydra Alfa Romeo[-]08:07,15004:00,59016. gr. CN
19. 229Antonino Loddo/IGISA Alfa Romeo[-]08:08,77003:57,26017. gr. CN
22. 227Gaspare Giurlanda/IOsella PA20S Renault[-]08:23,33004:10,29018. gr. CN
24. 239Franco Perini/IOsella PA/20S Alfa Romeo[-]08:30,68004:09,71019. gr. CN
26. 228Vincenzo Virgilio/IOsella PA20S Renault[-]08:32,02004:10,16020. gr. CN
34. 238Rosario Vittoria/IGISA Alfa Romeo[-]08:47,44004:22,27021. gr. CN
71. 225Francesco Manzo/ISymbol Alfa Romeo[-]10:11,26005:03,71022. gr. CN



Seznam přihlášených

225Francesco Manzo/ISymbol Alfa Romeo[-]DM Racing ClubCN
226Michele Bica/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]DM Racing ClubCN
227Gaspare Giurlanda/IOsella PA20S Renault[-]Dalmazia MotorsportCN
228Vincenzo Virgilio/IOsella PA20S Renault[-]Villorba CorseCN
229Antonino Loddo/IGISA Alfa Romeo[-]GISA Racing Bianc.CN
232Salvatore Poma/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-] CN
235Pietro Conticelli/IHydra Alfa Romeo[-] CN
236Fabio Torsellini/IOsella PA/20S BMW[PA20S-60/99]Squadra Corse ValdCN
237 "Thomas"/IGISA BMW [-]GISA Racing Bianc.CN
238Rosario Vittoria/IGISA Alfa Romeo[-]GISA Racing Bianc.CN
239Franco Perini/IOsella PA/20S Alfa Romeo[-]Sports Cars RacingCN
242Massimo Gervasi/IOsella PA/20S Alfa Romeo[-]Villorba CorseCN
243Emilio Scola/IOsella PA/20S[-]Villorba CorseCN
244Salvatore Giardina/IGISA Alfa Romeo[-]GISA Racing Bianc.CN
245Domenico Scola/IOsella BMW PA20S[-]Cosenza CorseCN
246Fabrizio Fattorini/IOsella PA20S[-]Villorba CorseCN
247Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA/20S BMW[PA20S-Cinelli]Sports Cars RacingCN
248Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA/20S[PA20S-76/00]Sports Cars RacingCN
249Carmelo Scaramozzino/IBreda Alfa Romeo[BRP4-002]Cosenza CorseCN
251Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella BMW PA20S[-]Sout RacingCN
252Enrico Grimaldi/IOsella BMW PA20S[-]Etna CorseCN
253Andrea Raiti/IOsella BMW PA20S[-]DM Racing ClubCN

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