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Ollon Villars

Ollon Villars/CH


1. 180Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS[718-Greger]09:13,90004:36,6001. gr. SportsCars
2. 184Lodovico Scarfiotti/IFerrari Dino 196SP[0804]09:14,10004:34,7002. gr. SportsCars
3. 185Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS[-]09:25,50004:41,0003. gr. SportsCars
4. Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche RS[718-076]09:34,60004:45,6004. gr. SportsCars
5. Carlo Mario Abate/IFerrari GTO[-]09:37,30004:47,3001. gr. GT
6. Herbert Müller/CHPorsche RSK[-]09:37,80004:47,8005. gr. SportsCars
7. Harry Zweifel/CHLotus[-]09:38,10004:47,3006. gr. SportsCars
8. Sidney Charpilloz/CHElva[-]10:01,20004:58,6007. gr. SportsCars
9. Robert Huber/CHLotus[-]10:05,60004:56,4008. gr. SportsCars
10. Jörg Wyssbrod/CHElva[-]10:16,70005:08,2009. gr. SportsCars
11. Hans Kühnis/CHPorsche[-]10:20,10005:09,6002. gr. GT
12. Marcel Vionnet/CHPorsche[-]10:21,20005:10,2003. gr. GT
13. Siegfried Günther/DPorsche[-]10:23,90005:11,8004. gr. GT
14. Karl Federhofer/DPorsche[-]10:29,90005:14,7005. gr. GT
15. Nadege Ferrier/CHPorsche[-]10:34,40005:16,9006. gr. GT
16. Hans Illert/CHAbarth[-]10:38,80005:18,9007. gr. GT
17. Walter Ringgenberg/CHFerrari[-]10:49,80005:23,4008. gr. GT
18. Engelbert Möll/CHAC Bristol[-]10:51,40005:24,2009. gr. GT
19. 117Louis Morand/CHLotus Elite[-]10:51,40005:24,80010. gr. GT
20. Ernst Furtmayr/DAlfa Romeo[-]10:52,90005:25,90011. gr. GT
21. Alfred Hachen/CHAbarth[-]10:57,60005:28,70010. gr. SportsCars
22. Otto Model/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11:04,90005:32,40012. gr. GT
23. Pierre Sudan/CHPorsche[-]11:08,20005:29,30013. gr. GT
24. Charly Müller/CHMercedes-Benz[-]11:11,70005:33,20014. gr. GT
25. Theo Hofer/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11:13,80005:36,60015. gr. GT
26. André-Francois Bungener/CHAC Bristol[-]11:15,70005:28,50016. gr. GT
27. J.P. Rumberset/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11:19,30005:39,20017. gr. GT
28. "Felice"/Abarth[-]11:20,50005:39,50018. gr. GT
29. Romano Saschi/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11:22,10005:40,70019. gr. GT
30. Armand Boller/CHFerrari[-]11:23,20005:35,90020. gr. GT
31. Kurt Rost/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11:24,30005:41,90021. gr. GT
32. Peter Nebel/CHDKW[-]11:27,30005:42,70011. gr. SportsCars
33. Jean-Jacques Thuner/CHTriumph[-]11:35,30005:45,60022. gr. GT
34. Robert Gnant/CHAbarth[-]11:35,80005:33,80023. gr. GT
35. Charles Stolz/CHAC Bristol[-]11:42,40005:50,50024. gr. GT
36. Edmont Laub/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11:46,30005:50,30025. gr. GT
37. Walter Rheiner/CHTriumph[-]11:49,00005:54,40026. gr. GT
38. José Ciocca/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11:49,90005:54,80012. gr. SportsCars
39. Jean Pons/FAlfa Romeo[-]11:50,70005:54,10027. gr. GT
40. Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHPorsche[-]11:54,20005:54,70013. gr. SportsCars
41. Anton Volken/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11:56,10005:57,50028. gr. GT
42. Daniel Pache/CHMercedes-Benz[-]11:57,40005:57,50029. gr. GT
43. Alfred Frei/CHDKW[-]12:01,50005:58,60030. gr. GT
44. Jean Gretener/CHTriumph[-]12:05,40006:02,40031. gr. GT
45. Rico Kurrus/CHAlfa Romeo[-]12:05,70006:01,90032. gr. GT
46. Girolamo Capra/IAbarth[-]12:06,00006:01,40033. gr. GT
47. Jean Bouquet/CHAlfa Romeo[-]12:13,50006:06,60014. gr. SportsCars
48. Fernand Dussex/CHPorsche[-]12:18,30006:07,70034. gr. GT
49. Willy Gruber/CHFord[-]12:24,80006:11,10015. gr. SportsCars
50. Stefan Brugger/CHDKW[-]12:30,50005:36,80035. gr. GT
51. Andreas Feer/CHAbarth[-]12:33,80006:14,10036. gr. GT
52. Rudolf Hediger/CHDB[-]12:48,60006:24,10037. gr. GT
53. Bernard Cahier/FAustin[-]12:55,60006:22,40038. gr. GT
54. René Laffon/FAlfa Romeo[-]13:00,80006:28,70039. gr. GT
55. Heinz Knobel/CHFiat[-]13:06,90006:29,50016. gr. SportsCars
56. Roland Stierli/CHAlfa Romeo[-]22:23,70005:32,20040. gr. GT



? Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari GTO[-]- GT
AB Lionel Goel/CHLotus Elite[-]- GT
AB Edgar Berney/CHFerrari[-]- GT
AB André Marquis/CHAbarth[-]- GT
AB Walter Egger/CHAbarth[-]- GT
AB André Knörr/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- GT
AB C. Amiraglio/IFerrari[-]- GT
NC Renaud Zwissig/CHRenault[-]- Gr.1
NC H. Leuenberger/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.1
NC Walter Streit/CHAbarth[-]- Gr.1
NC Adolf Pöltinger/CHRenault[-]- Gr.1
NC Edwin Heusser/CHNSU[-]- Gr.1
NC Emil Wüst/CHAbarth[-]- Gr.1
NC Federico Karrer/CHDKW[-]- Gr.2
NC Roger Rey/CHDauphine[-]- Gr.1
NC Heini Buess/CHAbarth[-]- Gr.1
NC Harry Wohlgroth/CHNSU[-]- Gr.1
NC Emil Voser/CHRenault[-]- Gr.1
NC Armin Kern/CHRenault[-]- Gr.1
NC B. Peterhans/CHFiat[-]- Gr.1
NC Gerold Glatz/CHJaguar[-]- Gr.1
NC Werner Wyss/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.1
NC Pierre Karrer/CHVolvo[-]- Gr.1
NC Robert Meyer/CHDKW[-]- Gr.2
NC Max Pichler/CHDKW[-]- Gr.2
NC Paul Macchi/CHSaab[-]- Gr.2
NC Robert Egli/CHFiat[-]- Gr.2
NC Georges Theiler/CHAustin Cooper[-]- Gr.2
NC Hans Affentranger/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.2
NC Charles Ramu-Caccia/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.2
NC Jürg Dubler/CHVolvo[-]- Gr.2
NC Patrick Lier/CHSunbeam[-]- Gr.1
NC Wolfgang Wassermann/CHVolvo[-]- Gr.1
NC H.P. Hoffmann/CHMorris Cooper[-]- Gr.1
NC Alex Bressan/CHMorris Cooper[-]- Gr.1
NC Heinz Steger/CHMorris Cooper[-]- Gr.1
NC Peter Scherrer/CHMorris Cooper[-]- Gr.1
NC Edy Welti/CHAustin Cooper[-]- Gr.1
NC A. Rigendinger/CHAustin Cooper[-]- Gr.1
NC Walter Tiefenthaler/CHDKW[-]- Gr.1
NC Dieter Widmer/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.1
NC Peter Businger/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.1
NC Reinhard Kern/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.1
NC Albert Bugnon/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.1
NC Ruedi Rutz/CHVolvo[-]- Gr.1
NC Ernst Städeli/CHBorgward[-]- Gr.2
NC Francois Tapernoux/CHNSU[-]- Gr.1
NC Jean-Claude Rudaz/CHAustin[-]- SportsCars
NC Edouard Grob/CHCegga[-]- SportsCars
NC Charles Vögele/CHLotus[-]- SportsCars
NC Nino Vaccarella/IFerrari[-]- SportsCars
NC Willi Franz/CHLola[-]- RaceCars
NC Peter Kropf/CHRenault[-]- RaceCars
NC Walter Wüst/CHStangueli[-]- RaceCars
NC Joakim Bonnier/SPorsche[-]- RaceCars
NC Karl Foitek/CHLotus[-]- RaceCars
NC Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche[-]- RaceCars
NC P. Nicoller/CHFerrari[-]- RaceCars
NC Ottorino Volonterio/IMaserati[-]- RaceCars
NC Albert Badan/FFerrari[-]- RaceCars
NC Erwin Sommerhalder/Maserati[-]- RaceCars
NC "Jet"/CHPorsche[-]- RaceCars
NC Dieter Spörry/Lotus[-]- RaceCars
NC Georges Gachnang/CHCegga[-]- RaceCars
NC Rolf Schild/CHMBM[-]- RaceCars
NC Antonio Laghi/CHStangueli[-]- RaceCars
NC Edwin Frank/MBM[-]- RaceCars
NC Franz Harre/CHBMW[-]- Gr.1
NC Rolf Müller/CHBMW[-]- Gr.1
NC Jo Siffert/CHLotus 24 Climax[-]- RaceCars
NC Rolando Vaglio/CHCooper[-]- RaceCars
NC Walter Specht/CHCooper[-]- RaceCars
NC Fritz Hanzl/Cooper[-]- RaceCars
NC Jo Siffert/CHLotus[-]- RaceCars
NC Walter Habegger/CHLotus[-]- RaceCars
NC Roland Boddi/CHCooper[-]- RaceCars
NC Andre Periat/CHCooper[-]- RaceCars
NC Pierre de Siebenthal/CHLotus[-]- RaceCars
NC G. Rosetti/Lotus[-]- RaceCars
NC Georges Ansermoz/CHLotus[-]- RaceCars
NC Bastel Fischer/DCooper[T59/FJ-16-62]- RaceCars
NC "Pocker"/Ford[-]- RaceCars
NC Oscar Battig/Lotus[-]- RaceCars
NC Otto Melliger/CHJaguar[-]- GT
NC Jim Clark/GBLotus[-]- RaceCars

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