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ArchŪvy Euromontagna

Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux/F


1. Maurice Trintignant/FCooper T53 F2[-]11:51,8001. gr. R
2. Heini Walter/CHPorsche RSK1600[718-029]12:15,6001. gr. Gr.4
3. Harry Zweifel/CHCooper Monaco 2000[-]12:32,2002. gr. Gr.4
4. Sepp Greger/DPorsche RSK1600[718-042]12:33,0003. gr. Gr.4
5. Gianni Balzarini/ICooper Monaco 2000[-]12:40,8004. gr. Gr.4
6. Carlo Mario Abate/IFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]12:50,5001. gr. Gr.3
7. Jean Lucienbonnet/FPorsche RSK1500[550A-0142]12:51,9005. gr. Gr.4
8. Carlo Peroglio/ICooper Monaco 2000[-]12:53,7006. gr. Gr.4
9. Siegfried GŁnther/DPorsche Carrera[-]13:25,0002. gr. Gr.3
10. Bernard Collomb/FCooper[-]13:27,3002. gr. R
11. Tommy Spychiger/CHOsca FJ[-]13:38,3003. gr. R
12. Regis Fraissinet/FFerrari 250 GT[-]13:42,0007. gr. Gr.4
13. Patsy Burt/GBCooper T51 Climax[-]13:42,7004. gr. R
14. J. David/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]14:13,4003. gr. Gr.3
15. Raymond Stempert/FOsca 1500[-]14:16,5008. gr. Gr.4
16. Andrť Wicky/CHAC Bristol[-]14:21,1004. gr. Gr.3
17. Ricou/FCitroŽn barquette DS 19[-]14:21,6009. gr. Gr.4
18. Paul Condriller/FAlpine Renault[-]14:23,9005. gr. Gr.3
19. De Saint Auban/FDB[-]14:27,4006. gr. Gr.3
20. Abbal/Stanguellini Junior Fiat[-]14:31,9005. gr. R
21. Lucien Bec/FStanguellini Junior Fiat[-]--6. gr. R
22. Maduninao/Stanguellini Junior Fiat[-]14:36,0007. gr. R
23. Gianni Manelli/IOsca[-]14:41,60010. gr. Gr.4
24. Nadege Ferrier/CHPorsche Carrera[-]14:47,6007. gr. Gr.3
25. Joel Moyne/FAC Bristol ACE roadster[-]14:48,3008. gr. Gr.3
26. Carriere/FAlfa Romeo Zagato[-]14:49,2009. gr. Gr.3
27. G. Rossetti/CHFerrari 625[-]14:51,0008. gr. R
28. G. Michaux/FDB HBR 5[-]14:56,00010. gr. Gr.3
29. Rosinski/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]14:57,8001. gr. Gr.2
30. Bernard/FCitroŽn ID 19[-]15:11,50011. gr. Gr.3
31. Dufaud/FCitroŽn 15/6[-]15:18,40012. gr. Gr.3
32. Gravier/FRenault 1062[-]15:23,00013. gr. Gr.3
33. Justamond/FDB HBR 5[-]15:25,20014. gr. Gr.3
34. Hanspeter Kropf/CHRenault[-]15:25,60015. gr. Gr.3
35. Porre/FOsca MT4[-]15:29,20011. gr. Gr.4
36. Renaud Zwissig/CHAlpine Renault A 108[-]15:30,20016. gr. Gr.3
37. Gťr. Spinedi/CHFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]15:32,20017. gr. Gr.3
38. Pigem/FDB HBR 5[-]15:43,10018. gr. Gr.3
39. Jenny/CHBMW 502[-]16:02,7001. gr. Gr.1
40. Berlie/FPanhard X 84[-]16:05,30019. gr. Gr.3
41. Andre Georges/FOsca[-]16:12,30012. gr. Gr.4
42. Joel Richard/FDB HBR 5[-]16:14,40020. gr. Gr.3
43. Guido HaberthŁr/CHPorsche[-]16:16,00021. gr. Gr.3
44. Viazzi/FRenault Dauphine Gordini[-]16:16,4002. gr. Gr.2
45. Allonge/FRenault Dauphine[-]16:20,6003. gr. Gr.2
46. Jehouda/CHAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint[-]16:24,00022. gr. Gr.3
47. Henri Greder/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]16:41,0002. gr. Gr.1
48. Huguenin/Auto Union[-]16:41,6003. gr. Gr.1
49. Bounoir/FPanhard X 86 tank[-]16:43,00013. gr. Gr.4
50. Nicole Pizot/FDB HBR 5[-]16:47,00023. gr. Gr.3
51. Schilgler/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]16:47,4004. gr. Gr.1
52. Matheron/FRenault Dauphine Gordini[-]16:48,3005. gr. Gr.1
53. F. Collomb/Deutsch Bonnet Junior[-]16:48,5009. gr. R
54. Delliere/FVolvo PV544[-]16:49,1006. gr. Gr.1
55. Rene Froidevaux/CHTriumph TR 3[-]16:50,70024. gr. Gr.3
56. Gabrielle Giai/FCitroŽn DS19[-]16:51,1004. gr. Gr.2
57. Binda/FRenault Dauphine Gordini[-]16:55,0005. gr. Gr.2
58. "Cyr"/FVolvo PV544[-]16:57,0007. gr. Gr.1
59. Chocquel/FAuto Union[-]17:05,8008. gr. Gr.1
60. Montazani/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]17:07,0009. gr. Gr.1
61. Roux/FPanhard LI[-]17:14,90010. gr. Gr.1
62. Allemand/FVolvo 122S[-]18:01,50011. gr. Gr.1
63. Grosgogeat/FRenault Dauphine[-]18:06,4006. gr. Gr.2
64. Martin/FPanhard LI[-]18:08,30012. gr. Gr.1
65. Branche/FRenault Dauphine Gordini[-]18:23,70013. gr. Gr.1
66. Glass/FDB X86[-]19:17,20014. gr. Gr.4
67. Martinez/FRenault Dauphine[-]19:40,90014. gr. Gr.1
68. Albisson/FVespa 400[-]22:36,00015. gr. Gr.1
69. Alamelle/FCitroŽn 15/6[-]26:00,2007. gr. Gr.2



Seznam pÝihlŠöenżch

F. Collomb/Deutsch Bonnet Junior[-]R
Nicole Pizot/FDB HBR 5[-]Gr.3
Joel Richard/FDB HBR 5[-]Gr.3
Berlie/FPanhard X 84[-]Gr.3
Pigem/FDB HBR 5[-]Gr.3
Renaud Zwissig/CHAlpine Renault A 108[-]Gr.3
Justamond/FDB HBR 5[-]Gr.3
Gravier/FRenault 1062[-]Gr.3
G. Michaux/FDB HBR 5[-]Gr.3
De Saint Auban/FDB[-]Gr.3
Paul Condriller/FAlpine Renault[-]Gr.3
Glass/FDB X86[-]Gr.4
Bounoir/FPanhard X 86 tank[-]Gr.4
Andre Georges/FOsca[-]Gr.4
Gianni Manelli/IOsca[-]Gr.4
Regis Fraissinet/FFerrari 250 GT[-]Gr.4
Nadege Ferrier/CHPorsche Carrera[-]Gr.3
Carriere/FAlfa Romeo Zagato[-]Gr.3
Maduninao/Stanguellini Junior Fiat[-]R
Lucien Bec/FStanguellini Junior Fiat[-]R
Abbal/Stanguellini Junior Fiat[-]R
G. Rossetti/CHFerrari 625[-]R
Patsy Burt/GBCooper T51 Climax[-]R
Tommy Spychiger/CHOsca FJ[-]R
Rene Froidevaux/CHTriumph TR 3[-]Gr.3
Gťr. Spinedi/CHFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]Gr.3
Dufaud/FCitroŽn 15/6[-]Gr.3
Bernard/FCitroŽn ID 19[-]Gr.3
Joel Moyne/FAC Bristol ACE roadster[-]Gr.3
Andrť Wicky/CHAC Bristol[-]Gr.3
Jehouda/CHAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint[-]Gr.3
Guido HaberthŁr/CHPorsche[-]Gr.3
Hanspeter Kropf/CHRenault[-]Gr.3
Porre/FOsca MT4[-]Gr.4
Ricou/FCitroŽn barquette DS 19[-]Gr.4
Alamelle/FCitroŽn 15/6[-]Gr.2
Chocquel/FAuto Union[-]Gr.1
Matheron/FRenault Dauphine Gordini[-]Gr.1
Huguenin/Auto Union[-]Gr.1
Albisson/FVespa 400[-]Gr.1
Bernard Collomb/FCooper[-]R
Maurice Trintignant/FCooper T53 F2[-]R
Raymond Stempert/FOsca 1500[-]Gr.4
J. David/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]Gr.3
Siegfried GŁnther/DPorsche Carrera[-]Gr.3
Carlo Peroglio/ICooper Monaco 2000[-]Gr.4
Jean Lucienbonnet/FPorsche RSK1500[550A-0142]Gr.4
Carlo Mario Abate/IFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]Gr.3
Gianni Balzarini/ICooper Monaco 2000[-]Gr.4
Sepp Greger/DPorsche RSK1600[718-042]Gr.4
Harry Zweifel/CHCooper Monaco 2000[-]Gr.4
Roux/FPanhard LI[-]Gr.1
Martin/FPanhard LI[-]Gr.1
Gabrielle Giai/FCitroŽn DS19[-]Gr.2
Rosinski/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]Gr.2
Grosgogeat/FRenault Dauphine[-]Gr.2
Binda/FRenault Dauphine Gordini[-]Gr.2
Allonge/FRenault Dauphine[-]Gr.2
Viazzi/FRenault Dauphine Gordini[-]Gr.2
Jenny/CHBMW 502[-]Gr.1
Allemand/FVolvo 122S[-]Gr.1
"Cyr"/FVolvo PV544[-]Gr.1
Delliere/FVolvo PV544[-]Gr.1
Montazani/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]Gr.1
Schilgler/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]Gr.1
Henri Greder/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]Gr.1
Martinez/FRenault Dauphine[-]Gr.1
Branche/FRenault Dauphine Gordini[-]Gr.1
Heini Walter/CHPorsche RSK1600[718-029]Gr.4

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