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Archívy Euromontagna

Premio Internacional Da Serra Da Estrela




1. Mauro Nesti/IOsella BMW[PA9-111/82]05:54,7901. gr. Gr.6
2. Juan Llagostera/EOsella PA7/9[-]06:20,3002. gr. Gr.6
3. Kurt Buess/CHLola T298[T298/HU100]06:30,4703. gr. Gr.6
4. Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHBMW M1[4301460/82]06:34,1801. gr. B
5. Rolf Göring/DBMW M1[4301041/79]06:37,4001. gr. Gr.4photo
6. António Taveira/PBMW M1[-]06:46,1302. gr. Gr.4photo
7. Antonio Rodrigues/POpel Ascona 400[-]06:54,3603. gr. Gr.4
8. Jorge Petiz/PPorsche 911SC[-]06:54,9804. gr. Gr.4
9. Wolfgang Stiller/DTalbot Sunbeam Lotus[-]07:00,0501. gr. Gr.2
10. Carlos Rodrigues/PPorsche 911SC[-]07:03,3205. gr. Gr.4


KL Malheiro Dias/PVW Golf GTI[-]1. gr. N
KL Giovanni Rossi/FBMW 528i[E28.2.27/82]1. gr. A
KL Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 635 CSi[15882/83]3. gr. A
KL Hartmut Böhme/DBMW[-]4. gr. A
KL Wilhelm Rinne/DPorsche 911[118206/76/1977]6. gr. Gr.4


ST43 - BMW 320[-]- photo
ST38 - BMW M1[-]- photo

Seznam přihlášených

Mauro Nesti/IOsella BMW[PA9-111/82]Gr.6
Carlos Rodrigues/PPorsche 911SC[-]Gr.4
Jorge Petiz/PPorsche 911SC[-]Gr.4
Antonio Rodrigues/POpel Ascona 400[-]Gr.4
António Taveira/PBMW M1[-]Gr.4
Juan Llagostera/EOsella PA7/9[-]Gr.6
Wilhelm Rinne/DPorsche 911[118206/76/1977]Gr.4
Hartmut Böhme/DBMW[-]A
Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 635 CSi[15882/83]A
Giovanni Rossi/FBMW 528i[E28.2.27/82]A
Wolfgang Stiller/DTalbot Sunbeam Lotus[-]Gr.2
Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHBMW M1[4301460/82]B
Rolf Göring/DBMW M1[4301041/79]Gr.4
Kurt Buess/CHLola T298[T298/HU100]Gr.6
Malheiro Dias/PVW Golf GTI[-]N
38 - BMW M1[-]
43 - BMW 320[-]

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