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Archívy Euromontagna




1. 6Ermanno Martinello/ILucchini SN89[054-SN89]3228:21,127- CN
2. 3Arturo Merzario/ISymbol LM 89[-]3228:23,228- CN
3. 1Stefano Sanesi/ILucchini SN89[056-SN89]3228:29,153- CN
4. 11Bruno Corradi/ILucchini SN89[-]3228:41,818- CN
5. 34Armando Conti/IBogani 87[-]3228:53,808- CN
6. 28Fabrizio Brigato/ILucchini SN89[061-SN89]32--- CN
7. 5Giampiero Consonni/ISymbol LM 89[-]3228:57,432- CN
8. 23Roberto Del Castello/IOlmas GLT 110[-]32--- CN
9. Tiziano Serratini/ILucchini SN88[-]31--- CN
10. 29Daniele Gasparri/IBogani 87[-]31--- CN
11. 12 "Gianfranco"/ILucchini SN89[-]31--- CN
12. Angelo Dugnani/ISymbol LM 89[-]30--- CN
13. Michele Martinello/ILucchini SN88[-]30--- CN



AB8Ugo Merzario/ISymbol LM 89[-]-
AB Fabio Mangini/IBogani 88[-]- CN
AB Ferrante Ponti/IBogani 87[-]- CN
AB Mario Fortina/ISymbol-Fortuna 89[-]- CN
AB "Ludwig"/ILucchini SN86[-]- CN

Výsledky tréninku

Seznam přihlášených

Angelo Dugnani/ISymbol LM 89[-]CN
Michele Martinello/ILucchini SN88[-]CN
Tiziano Serratini/ILucchini SN88[-]CN
"Ludwig"/ILucchini SN86[-]CN
Mario Fortina/ISymbol-Fortuna 89[-]CN
Ferrante Ponti/IBogani 87[-]CN
Fabio Mangini/IBogani 88[-]CN
1Stefano Sanesi/ILucchini SN89[056-SN89]GalettiCN
3Arturo Merzario/ISymbol LM 89[-]Symbol TeamCN
5Giampiero Consonni/ISymbol LM 89[-]Team ItaliaCN
6Ermanno Martinello/ILucchini SN89[054-SN89]Veneto Sport TeamCN
8Ugo Merzario/ISymbol LM 89[-]Symbol Team
11Bruno Corradi/ILucchini SN89[-]Audisio & BenvenutoCN
12 "Gianfranco"/ILucchini SN89[-]Audisio & BenvenutoCN
23Roberto Del Castello/IOlmas GLT 110[-]CN
28Fabrizio Brigato/ILucchini SN89[061-SN89]LucchiniCN
29Daniele Gasparri/IBogani 87[-]CN
34Armando Conti/IBogani 87[-]NanniniCN

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