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Archívy Euromontagna

Toyota Celica

Výsledky hledání

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1974-08-18St. UrsanneToyota Celica Frei/[-]
1975-08-17St. UrsanneToyota Celica Max Hug/[-]
1975-08-17St. UrsanneToyota Celica Walter Frey/[-]
1976-04-11DijonToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1976-04-24SaanenToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1976-05-16HockenheimToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1976-06-06ÖsterreichringToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1976-07-01MisanoToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1976-07-25Ayent-AnzereToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1976-08-01HockenheimToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1976-09-12GurnigelToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1976-09-25HembergToyota Celica Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1977-03-27AmpusToyota Celica Patrick Delaloye/F[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldToyota Celica Gerhard Lipp/D[-]
1978-05-14EstrelaToyota Celica Manuel Mendes Fernandes/P[-]
1980-04-06AmpusToyota Celica Combe/[-]
1981-08-09Mont DoreToyota Celica Alain Paillet/F[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreToyota Celica S. Paillet/[-]
1988-05-08NürburgringToyota Celica Stephan Schurr/D[-]
1988-08-21St. UrsanneToyota Celica Bruno Jaeggi/CH[-]
1990-08-12MostToyota Celica Stephan Schnurr/D[-]
1991-06-02PecsToyota Celica Zsolt Lajtai/H[-]
1992-08-23St. UrsanneToyota Celica -[-]
1995-08-20St. UrsanneToyota Celica Walter Breny/CH[-]
1996-08-18St. UrsanneToyota Celica Carlo Lusser/CH[-]
1997-08-24St. UrsanneToyota Celica Balthasar Kamm/CH[-]
1998-07-26BabaToyota Celica Jozef Bereš/SK[-]
1998-08-23St. UrsanneToyota Celica Carlo Lusser/CH[-]
1999-07-10KohoutoviceToyota Celica Jiří Michálek/CZ[-]
1999-07-11KohoutoviceToyota Celica Jiří Michálek/CZ[-]
2001-04-29RechbergToyota Celica Alfred Aniser/A[-]
2003-05-03Náměšť nad OslavouToyota Celica Michaela Votavová/CZ[-]
2003-05-04Náměšť nad OslavouToyota Celica Michaela Votavová/CZ[-]
2007-09-01LaudonToyota Celica Miroslav Novotný/CZ[-]
2007-09-02LaudonToyota Celica Miroslav Novotný/CZ[-]
2008-08-30LaudonToyota Celica Miroslav Novotný/CZ[-]
2008-08-31LaudonToyota Celica Miroslav Novotný/CZ[-]
2008-09-27OrlickoToyota Celica Miroslav Novotný/CZ[-]
2008-09-28OrlickoToyota Celica Miroslav Novotný/CZ[-]
2009-08-29LaudonToyota Celica Miroslav Novotný/CZ[-]
2009-08-30LaudonToyota Celica Miroslav Novotný/CZ[-]
2016-05-28Ústí nad OrlicíToyota Celica Erich jt. Prusek/CZ[-]
2017-08-20St. UrsanneToyota Celica Bernhard Muhr/CH[-]


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