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Archívy Euromontagna


Výsledky hledání

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1972-08-06SchauinslandGRD 272 Roland Salomon/CH[272-014F2]
1972-08-06SchauinslandGRD Jo Vonlanthen/CH[-]
1972-08-20St. UrsanneGRD 372 Zumstein/[-]
1972-08-20St. UrsanneGRD 272 Roland Salomon/CH[272-014F2]
1972-08-20AretteGRD 272 Roland Salomon/CH[272-014F2]
1972-10-15Tros MaretsGRD 272 Claude Bourgoignie/B[272-018F2]
1973-05-20HockenheimGRD S73 René Herzog/[-]
1973-06-03RossfeldGRD Dieter Kern/D[-]
1973-07-22HockenheimGRD S73 René Herzog/[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsanneGRD 273 Jo Vonlanthen/CH[-]
1973-10-07HembergGRD S73 Herbert Müller/CH[-]
1973-10-14DijonGRD S73 René Herzog/[-]
1974HomburgGRD Bernhard Brack/D[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneGRD Luigi Pozzo/I[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneGRD Piergiorgio Mussa/I[-]
1974-07-06CosenzaGRD Fichera/I[-]
1974-07-28SchauinslandGRD Ingo Hopp/D[-]
1974-08-11RheingauGRD Dieter Kern/D[-]
1975-03-23MühllackenGRD F2 Otto Stuppacher/A[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneGRD 374 Luigi Pozzo/I[-]
1975-08-03RietiGRD 374 Luigi Pozzo/I[-]
1975-09-21NeuffenGRD Dieter Kox/D[-]
1975-10-12OberallgäuGRD Dieter Kox/D[-]
1976-03-21MühllackenGRD F2 Otto Stuppacher/A[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneGRD Livio Gibin/I[-]
1977-05-29EstrelaGRD Orlando Goncalves/I[-]
1978VaranoGRD Claudio Francisci/I[-]
1978-05-14EstrelaGRD R-78 Orlando Goncalves/I[-]
1978-06-11SchauinslandGRD Gunther Volle/D[-]
1980-04-07LorentzweillerGRD W. Wierscher/[-]
1992-05-10AlgheroGRD Carlo Nonnis/I[-]
1993-05-03ThruxtonGRD S73 Stephen Pontin-Warltier/GB[-]
1993-06-05Brands HatchGRD S73 Stephen Pontin-Warltier/GB[-]
1993-07-03Oulton ParkGRD S73 Stephen Pontin-Warltier/GB[-]
1996-08-11NürburgringGRD Karl Langjahr/D[-]
1996-09-01DoningtonGRD S74 Richard Casswell/GB[-]
1996-09-09TurckheimGRD Jacques Joliat/CH[-]
1996-10-06SnettertonGRD S74 Richard Casswell/GB[-]
1997-05-05SilverstoneGRD S74 Richard Caswell/GB[-]
1998-05-03SilverstoneGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1998-08-08Castle CombeGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1998-09-13Brands HatchGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1998-10-18DoningtonGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1999-05-02SilverstoneGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1999-07-04Brands HatchGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1999-07-18Mondello ParkGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1999-08-08ZandvoortGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1999-09-25SnettertonGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1999-09-26SnettertonGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
1999-10-16SilverstoneGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
2000-03-12MelbourneGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
2000-05-21SpaGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
2000-05-21SpaGRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
2000-06-11A1 RingGRD S74 Mark Helis/GB[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimGRD Jacques Joliat/CH[-]
2001?GRD S74 Jon Shipman/GB[-]
2001?GRD S72 Rolf Woellecke/D[-]
2002-09-06TurckheimGRD Jacques Joliat/CH[-]
2008-04-05CatalunyaGRD 73S Louis Zurstrassen/B[S73-073-21]
2008-04-26MonzaGRD 73S Louis Zurstrassen/B[S73-073-21]
2008-05-10SpaGRD S73 Louis Zurstrassen/B[S73-073-21]
2008-08-16NürburgringGRD S73 Louis Zurstrassen/B[S73-073-21]
2009-04-04BarceloneGRD 73S Louis Zurstrassen/B[-]
2009-08-22NürburgringGRD 73S Louis Zurstrassen/B[-]
2010-05-08SpaGRD 73S Louis Zurstrassen/B[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneGRD S75 Giovanni Bottaretto/I[-]


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