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Archívy Euromontagna

Fiat Ritmo Abarth

Výsledky hledání

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1980-09-07TurckheimFiat Ritmo Abarth Adriano Parlamento/I[-]
1980-09-07TurckheimFiat Ritmo Abarth E. Gsell/F[-]
1982-07-25CosenzaFiat Ritmo Abarth Giuseppe Perfetti/I[-]
1982-07-25CosenzaFiat Ritmo Abarth Angelo Tagliente/I[-]
1982-07-25CosenzaFiat Ritmo Abarth Giovanni Di Pierdomenico/I[-]
1982-08-22St. UrsanneFiat Ritmo Abarth René Cretin/CH[-]
1983-04-24ŠternberkFiat Ritmo Abarth Klaus Graeper/D[-]
1983-06-12RechbergFiat Ritmo Abarth Klaus Graeper/D[-]
1983-07-10MacerataFiat Ritmo Abarth Klaus Graeper/D[-]
1983-07-10MacerataFiat Ritmo Abarth Giacomo Botti/I[-]
1983-07-10MacerataFiat Ritmo Abarth Dino Franceschini/I[-]
1983-07-10MacerataFiat Ritmo Abarth Alfredo Nataloni/I[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Jean Pierre Large/F[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth J. Francois Job/F[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Patrick Deroin/F[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth J.Claude Gouleret/F[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Kl. Graper/D[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Pierre Foissotte/F[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Gérard Cartier/F[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneFiat Ritmo Abarth Kurt Ledermann/CH[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneFiat Ritmo Abarth Klaus Graeper/D[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimFiat Ritmo Abarth Marc Dosieres/F[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimFiat Ritmo Abarth J.P. Monrose/F[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimFiat Ritmo Abarth Y. Rinaldi/F[-]
1983-10-02OberjochFiat Ritmo Abarth Klaus Graeper/D[-]
1984-04-22ŠternberkFiat Ritmo Abarth Michel Courroye/F[-]
1984-05-13Havířov-ŠenovFiat Ritmo Abarth Franz Zechner/A[-]
1984-05-27MontsenyFiat Ritmo Abarth Giacomo Botti/I[-]
1984-06-24RietiFiat Ritmo Abarth Giacomo Botti/I[-]
1984-08-12Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Gérard Pradelle/F[-]
1984-08-12Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Giacomo Botti/I[-]
1984-08-12Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Michel Porcher/F[-]
1984-08-12Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Patrick Deroin/F[-]
1984-08-12Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Jean Luc Baillet/F[-]
1984-08-12Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Marcel Viard/F[-]
1984-08-12Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Germain Uhlrich/F[-]
1985-09-01TurckheimFiat Ritmo Abarth Germain Uhlrich/F[-]
1986-04-27AmpusFiat Ritmo Abarth Alain Gonzales/F[-]
1986-08-10Mont DoreFiat Ritmo Abarth Marcel Viard/F[-]
1990-04-29RechbergFiat Ritmo Abarth Manfred Kern/A[-]
1990-06-17TrierFiat Ritmo Abarth Harald Tritschler/D[-]
1990-06-17TrierFiat Ritmo Abarth Stefan Eisinger/D[-]
1993-05-30Vall´s D´AndorraFiat Ritmo Abarth G. Zucconi/F[-]
1997-09-28Al FitoFiat Ritmo Abarth Juan Manuel Piquero/E[-]
2000-10-01Al FitoFiat Ritmo Abarth Juan Manuel Piquero/E[-]


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