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Archívy Euromontagna

Dangel 180

Výsledky hledání

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1973-07-08BeaujolaisDangel 180 Michel Guyot/F[-]
1973-07-15Magny CoursDangel 180 Michel Guyot/F[-]
1973-07-15Magny CoursDangel 180 Albert Kauffmann/F[-]
1973-09-02Le CastelletDangel 180 Albert Kauffmann/F[-]
1973-10-07MontlhéryDangel 180 Albert Kauffmann/F[-]
1974-05-01Magny CoursDangel 180 Albert Kauffmann/F[-]
1974-07-14Magny CoursDangel 180 Albert Kauffmann/F[-]
1974-08-11KarlandDangel 180 Albert Kauffmann/F[-]
1984-07-22DobšináDangel 180 Ivo Král/CZ[-]
1973-05-01Magny CoursDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-06-03Hautes VosgesDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-07-01Mont DoreDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-07-15Magny CoursDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-07-22EymoutiersDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-08-05Haut CantalDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-08-18PoissonsDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-08-26Le PerhuisDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-09-02Le CastelletDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-09-23BelleauDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-09-23MontlhéryDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1973-09-30SewenDangel 180 Christian Debias/F[01]
1974Simca CoupeDangel 180 Guy Fréquelin/F[02]
1974-03-31AlbiDangel 180 Guy Fréquelin/F[02]
1974-04-07Le CastelletDangel 180 Guy Fréquelin/F[02]
1974-05-01Magny CoursDangel 180 Guy Fréquelin/F[02]
1974-05-05PauDangel 180 Guy Fréquelin/F[02]
1974-05-26Croix en TernoisDangel 180 Guy Fréquelin/F[02]
1974-06-23CharadesDangel 180 Guy Fréquelin/F[02]
1974-06-30Foret AuvrayDangel 180 Guy Fréquelin/F[02]
1973-05-01Magny CoursDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-05-06Monts du JuraDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-05-13MontlhéryDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-06-03Hautes VosgesDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-06-17AlbiDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-06-24TurckheimDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-07-01Mont DoreDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-07-08BeaujolaisDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-07-22EymoutiersDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-07-29ChamrousseDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-08-05Haut CantalDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-08-18PoissonsDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-08-26Le PerhuisDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-09-02Le CastelletDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-09-30Le Mans BugattiDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1973-10-07MontlhéryDangel 180 Fréderic Roland/F[05]
1974Simca CoupeDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-03-31AlbiDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-04-07Le CastelletDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-04-15NogaroDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-05-01Magny CoursDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-05-05PauDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-05-12MontlhéryDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-05-26Croix en TernoisDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-06-23CharadesDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-06-30Foret AuvrayDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-07-14Magny CoursDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-07-21EymoutiersDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-08-11KarlandDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1974-09-01UrcyDangel 180 Robert Simac/F[05]
1979-06-24BabaDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1979-07-08Horní JiřetínDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1979-09-02ŠternberkDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1979-10-14ZvolenDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1979-10-21ZáskalíDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1980-05-10MostDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1980-06-22Ostrava-VítkoviceDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1980-08-31MostDangel 180 Miran Velkoborský/CS[05]
1980-08-31ŠternberkDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1980-09-28Havířov-ŠenovDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1981-09-20ŠternberkDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1982-06-20ŠternberkDangel 180 Jiří Hák/CZ[05]
1983-10-02LaudonDangel 180 Ivo Král/CZ[05]
1984-04-22ŠternberkDangel 180 Ivo Král/CZ[05]
1984-09-02LaudonDangel 180 Ivo Král/CZ[05]
1984-09-09KoniceDangel 180 Ivo Král/CZ[05]
1985-06-09LoučeňDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1985-08-31PrachaticeDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1985-09-08PelhřimovDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1985-09-14VarnsdorfDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1985-10-06OlšanyDangel 180 Jan Heřmánek/CZ[05]
1986-07-13Luka nad JihlavouDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1986-07-27LibeřDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1986-08-30PrachaticeDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1986-09-14BerounDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1987-05-24Ústí nad OrlicíDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1987-06-28Luka nad JihlavouDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1987-08-08Kamýk nad VltavouDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1987-08-22OlšanyDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1987-09-01ÚterýDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1987-09-13LaudonDangel 180 Jan Heřmánek/CZ[05]
1987-09-19VarnsdorfDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1987-10-03BerounDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1988-05-15Luka nad JihlavouDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1988-06-19ŠternberkDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1988-07-16Kamýk nad VltavouDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1988-08-07OlšanyDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1988-09-03VarnsdorfDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1988-09-10JáchymovDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1989-05-07KoniceDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
1989-05-21Ústí nad OrlicíDangel 180 Josef Kožera/CZ[05]
2004-10-16MostDangel 180 Zdeněk Vondrák/CZ[05]
2006-09-02LaudonDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2006-09-03LaudonDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-05-05Náměšť nad OslavouDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-05-06Náměšť nad OslavouDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-05-26Ústí nad OrlicíDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-06-03ŠternberkDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-07-14OrlickoDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-07-15OrlickoDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-07-22BabaDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-08-04VsetínDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-09-01LaudonDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2007-09-02LaudonDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2008-05-03Náměšť nad OslavouDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2008-05-04Náměšť nad OslavouDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2008-05-24Ústí nad OrlicíDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2008-05-25Ústí nad OrlicíDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2008-06-28KohoutoviceDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]
2008-06-29KohoutoviceDangel 180 Pavel Vondrák/CZ[05]


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