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Archivista Euromontagna

Thierry Ressouche/F

Foto da Corsa

2002-08-11Mont Dore192Seat Ibiza TDI[-]
2010-08-08Mont Dore130Renault Clio Cup[-]
2014-04-13Col St. Pierre134Renault Clio Cup[-]

Risultati da Corsa


71. posto

137VW Golf GTi 16V[]08:48,640

15. gr. N

1983-08-07Mont Dore

159. posto

72VW Golt Gti[]07:03,420

19. gr. N

1993-08-08Mont Dore

104. posto

92VW Golf GTl 16S[]06:36,368

20. gr. N



149VW Golf GTi 16V[]--

- N

1994-08-07Mont Dore

110. posto

93VW Golf GTi 16V[]06:48,318

16. gr. N

1995-08-06Mont Dore

96. posto

127VW Golf GTI 165[]06:49,651

20. gr. N


90. posto

180VW Golf GTi 16V[]07:29,262

19. gr. N

1998-08-09Mont Dore

144. posto

122VW Golf GTi 16S[]06:41,094

8. gr. FN

1999-08-08Mont Dore

112. posto

122Renault Clio Wil.[]06:27,807

19. gr. N

2000-08-13Mont Dore

143. posto

162Renault Clio Williams[]06:28,000

17. gr. N

2001-08-12Mont Dore

166. posto

190Seat Ibiza TDI[]06:48,922

1. gr. D1

2002-08-11Mont Dore

184. posto

192Seat Ibiza TDI[]06:58,500

1. gr. Diesel

2003-04-06Bagnols Sabran

118. posto

135Renault Clio Will.[]01:47,528

- N

2003-04-27Col St. Pierre

113. posto

168Renault Clio[]03:26,705

- N

2003-06-15Mont Ventoux

75. posto

153Renault Clio Will.[]05:31,270

- N


122. posto

185Peugeot 106 Rallye[]01:29,311

- F

2003-08-10Mont Dore

165. posto

239Peugeot 106 Rallye[]06:42,399

45. gr. F

2004-08-08Mont Dore

154. posto

176Renault Clio Williams[]06:27,346

15. gr. N

2005-08-07Mont Dore

152. posto

147Volkswagen Polo 16S[]06:41,999

10. gr. A

2006-08-13Mont Dore

145. posto

167Volkswagen Polo 16v[]06:55,088

7. gr. A

2010-08-08Mont Dore


130Renault Clio Cup[]03:07,553

13. gr. A

2011-04-16Col St. Pierre

97. posto

126Renault Clio Cup[]06:39,049

13. gr. A

2011-08-06Mont Dore

126. posto

149Renault Clio Cup 2[]06:18,541

15. gr. A

2012-04-15Col St. Pierre

110. posto

138Renault Clio Cup[]03:15,094

- A

2013-04-14Col St. Pierre


148Peugeot 207 L[]03:28,280

- FA/2

2014-04-13Col St. Pierre

115. posto

134Renault Clio Cup[]--

- A

2016-04-17Col St. Pierre


143Renault Clio 3 Cup[]--

- A

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